Stunning ‘Water for Elephants’ wallpapers

I can’t get over how lovely the wallpapers keep getting. Jules, Marina, and Dreamy are at it again! Enjoy these new Water for Elephants wallpapers.

wallpaper by Just amazing Jules!


wallpaper by Magnificent Marina!


wallpaper by Divinely Dreamy!

Click thumbnails to grab HQ wallpapers

Thanks ladies! They’re stunning :)

Sources: Dreamy, Jules, & Marina,

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7 Responses to Stunning ‘Water for Elephants’ wallpapers

  1. silkyfine49 says:

    they R just sooooooo beautiful, love it

  2. TwilightMomGA says:

    Thank you for all you do to make this woman very happy with the posts, the wallpaper, the comments, the blogs everything! I absolutley LOVE them all and wish I knew how to make a wallpaper 1/16th as good as you do! Again, thank you!

  3. Jolene says:

    OMG theyre awesome!!!! Great job!! Congrats!!!! Hugs from Colombia!!!

  4. nuntonight says:


  5. DebbieCDC says:

    So totally beautiful…what talented ladies!!!

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  7. RobCatCdn says:

    Those ladies got major skills! :-) Over the year(s) I’ve saved 95%++ of their great creations. I may or may not be a little addicted to collecting RobDesks. *coughs*over.800.*cough <3

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