Article: Robert Pattinson talks ‘Water for Elephants’ in Italy’s Vanity Fair “It’s so intriguing.”

-Water For Elephants is a romantic movie.

“Yeah, but what appealed to me was the historical period, the Great Depression and the circus. It’s so intriguing. Chlidren don’t dream of running away with a film crew, but with the circus. It still happens today, I guess. At least they did in the 30’s, when there was no tv and no cinema down the street. Besides I liked that it was also about animals and and human-animal relationship (he stops and bursts out laughing). I know, it sounds weird this way.”

-Anyway, the fact remains that it’s mostly about the love story between Jacob and Marlena.

“In the beginning, you may think “oh there comes the guy, he’s going to meet the girl and it’ll be love at first sight. Then they’re going to run away together”. But it’s not like this. It’s a more complex story. Jacob falls in love with Marlena, but doesn’t try to bring her with him. She first kisses him and then rejects him, but indeed he accepts her choice. She will always be an extraordinary woman to him, no matter what. Jacob just wants to give and doesn’t ask for anything in return. That’s the best kind of relationship.”

Lots more good stuff in this interview which you can read HERE.

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  1. roblover says:

    Great cover! I’d love to get my hands on the mag. Thanks for the info.

  2. danice says:

    Yo tambien quero esa revista ahah sale guapo Rob como siempre, lei el libro y me encanto , ya quero que sea 28 de abril para ver esta peliculay se que Rob lo hace fantastico, como siempre.

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