PG-13 Rating for ‘Water for Elephants’

MPAA gave Water for Elephants a PG-13 rating for “moments of intense violence and sexual content.”

Nothing we weren’t already expecting, right?

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30 Responses to PG-13 Rating for ‘Water for Elephants’

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  2. Janners says:

    Were people actually thinking it wouldn’t be?? Sheesh….

  3. Tina Baress says:


    • leahreallyitis says:

      in reply to Tina Baress with all due respect I don’t think it is awesome that it is PG-13 for one reason(well several) and that is Rob needs to taken seriously as an actor NOT teen a heartthrob but a very serious actor now having that been said there things in the book that should be R rated and not PG-13 this is a grown up story not a teen story that is not how the author worte it I know you will probably disagree with me and I understand but there some movies that he should do that should be rated R like this movie should have been….

  4. Candice Bates says:

    I’m sorry. Have any of you read the book!? This is ridiculous! Who gives a sh!t about the little girls wanting to follow Rob?! He is a GROWN MAN! Little girls should stick to AGE APPROPRIATE content! And whatever parent let’s their kid read the book is sick! And in that case, they should take their kid to see WFE in RATED R!!!!! You know, even if the damn movie is RATED R, you can still take your kid to see it with adult supervision! There isn’t going to be a damn story with it Rated pg-13! There’s sex SEX SEX SEX throughout the whole damn book! How the hell do you take key elements out of the story line!!!! I say we start an effin riot!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • leahreallyitis says:

      in reply to Candice I one hundered percent agree with you and I was NOT happy about the rating and you are SO right Rob is a grown man! how is this movie going to be on the oscar ballot if it is PG-13?! HOW IS HE GOING TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY AS AN ACTOR?? can those idiots answer that one?! no they can’t!

    • Alicia B says:

      To Candice: My daughter is 11, she read the book. She cringed at parts but she got through it and we talked about it the whole way through. I figure the way the schools teach health class, she’ll learn it all next year anyway. But I would not allow her to see the movie if it was more than PG13. And who cares about the “little girls” wanting to follow Rob? Why exactly do you think it is that Rob got this part? He has a following, he’s a “draw”, he’s a money maker. Let’s remember one thing, Kristen Stewart decided to be taken “seriously”: as an actor, she did movies like “The Runaways” and “Welcome to the Riley’s”..both thoroughly R rated…neither made any money. Where is she now? And where is Rob with his “little girls”…he’s working on mainstream films, with mainstream actors and big movie companies. I think he is taken very seriously, he puts audiences in the seats and money in people’s pockets…those are two things Hollywood takes very seriously. So before you write off those “little girls”, lets remember that their loyalty may be the only things right now keeping Rob working.

      • rachel says:

        I agree one hundred percent! These ‘little girls’ are all from the ages of 11 through 17. I want all of you who are saying this stuff to go and ask a 15,16 year old girl if she thinks of herself as immature and un able to handle a movie like this.
        As for the reason they rated it PG-13 it has nothing to do with fans preferences. They dont care what we all think. They are rating it based on what they had the time and money to film and what the director and script writers put into the movie. So please save yourself some dignity and keep your thoughts to yourself.

  5. candice bates says:

    Also!!!! I say make 2 versions of the film! One Rated R, one PG-13. Then we’ll see who gets more SALES!!! I’m puttin my money on the Rated R one!!!!!!

    • leahreallyitis says:

      in reply to Candice I would love it if they could do that! and I SO agree that the R rated version would make way more money than the PG-13 one!

  6. Mary Ellen Awe says:

    I just wanted to comment BUMMER on the PG rating!!!! That goes for me and all my friends. What ever! I know I will LOVE the movie regardless. Just saying….

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  8. ransomfan says:

    Oh wow Candice, I wonder how you really feel about the PG-13 rating. lol. I really expected a rated R rating for Water For Elephants, and realize that they will have to leave some pretty good stuff out of the movie now. I guess all we can hope for is that when the dvd comes out it will have a lot of deleted scenes and extras to watch… I love to read the book before going to see any movie, you can NEVER get everything into a movie that is in the book, so I like to go back and read the book again so I can get to my favorite parts that never made it to the screen or was not as good in the movie. Anyway, thanks for sharing your deep feelings, I’m sure it is a lot of other’s feelings as well, but just too hard to express.

  9. Carmen says:

    I think it should of been R rating. I mean the book is R rated. There is alot in the book that I would think would make it rated R. I hope this doesn’t mean they changed a whole lot to make it be rated PG13. I mean come one there are some key moments in the book that I feel should be in the movie that are not so PG13. Parents just either need to go the movies with their kids or just have them wait for it on DVD

  10. Zuza says:

    C’mon guys… It’s a perfect movie for pg-13 rating, we absolutely couldn’t expect anything else. It’s Hollywood and it’s money that count. When did you see anything rated at least R in a movie that had a budget above 20 millions? With a teen-idol and sweet and loved Reese Witherspoon? “There’s sex SEX SEX SEX throughout the whole damn book!” Wth!? Did we read the same book or it’s just the first one you actually have read? And there’s not even that much violence.

    • leahreallyitis says:

      in Reply to Zuza how about JAWS, THE EXORCIST, WALLSTREET, THE COLOR PURPLE, BOOGIE NIGHTS, (just to name a few) all oscar contenders and made a hell of a lot of money correct me if I am wrong and also SEX, LIES, and VIDEO TAPES

  11. leahreallyitis says:

    quite frankly it should be R RATED not PG-13 I understand that with a PG-13 movie you can do so much but with an R rating you can do WAY more than that I can’t believe it but I am not surprised >.<

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  14. AliciaB says:

    I’m actually glad for the rating. I read the book, I can fill in the blanks. I wouldn’t have gone to see it if it was R rated. I don’t need to see the R rated parts, they are not what makes the story great. Jacob’s character and how he handles the challenges he faces are what makes the story great. Rob was perfect for this role. I don’t need to see him get a drunken b.j. or watch some chick do disgusting things to herself while men ogle her. That is not what the story is about. The story is about Jacob and Marlena and as long as they are solidly portrayed, the movie will be perfect.

  15. candice bates says:

    WTF! There’s something wrong with you if you let your 11yr old daughter read it. And I’m pretty sure she’s NOT going to learn about “get a drunken b.j. or watch some chick do disgusting things to herself while men ogle her” as another person has said. Sara Gruen wrote the book for ADULTS! Yall aren’t getting the fucking point here! And Kristen Stewart isn’t as popular as Rob! The reason he is so popular is b/c he’s a great actor and there’s more women who watch his films than there are men who watch KStews!!! The point here is this…. Its an R rated book!!! So leave the fuckin movie R rated! And sex does play a BIG role in the story!!! WTF are yall reading!!! Again I say… Rob is a grown man! Not a teen idol!!! And no its NOT the little girls that keep him afloat! Its us Adults! And, if you let your little girl read the book, then she might as well watch the movie Rated R! I’m sure she’s gonna need to see the drunken blow job, the midget jacking his dick off, the endowed woman having Robs character finger her, and her playing with herself! Ya know, since she’s gonna learn ALL about that in school next year! LMMFAO…. Idiots!!!!!

    • Candyce Bingham says:

      Just because you swear at us or use multiple exclamation parts doesn’t make your opinion better than any of ours. Many movies have been PG-13 and won Oscars; similarly, an actor doesn’t need to be in an R movie to recieve acclaim or be ‘taken seriously’. I agree with the PG-13 rating, and as long as Pattinson and Witherspoon do their acting, I think it will be a fine movie.

  16. candice bates says:

    And another thing. Those of you who agree with me (which are a lot more than the ones who disagree) your fucking awesome!!! And Thanks! xoxo

    • leahreallyitis says:

      in reply to Candice: you are welcome :) and what mother in their right mind would allow their daughter(under whatever age) to read this book anyway and Stewy(Kristen) has a been an actor since she was a kid but your right TR did not make enough money because it was not marketed right as well as WTTR which were both “indie” movies(and awesome I might add) and you are also 100 percent right about it being us ADULT WOMEN that are fans of Rob and with this PG-13 rating how the hell is he going to be taken seriously as an actor?! and how the hell is he going to be on the oscar ballot?! UGH! and Kristen(love her lots <3) is an amazing actress and you are right about Rob being HUGELY popular which is mainly because of us WOMEN who think he is an amazing actor and SUPER fine and sexy and I am SO sick and tired of the media calling him a vampire! and I was the one that said this book(WFE) IS for Adults only and NO Rob is NOT teen idiol he IS an actor again FINE yes but a serious actor :) xoxo

  17. Jessica Lynn says:

    Aw, c’mon, you guys. PG-13 means larger audiences. Fewer limits. I bet that they WANT the teenaged fans to come watch it, too. It’s all about the $ka-CHING.$ Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the movie. It doesn’t have to be rated R to be a good film.

  18. Sara says:

    Wow.. this movie should so be rated r! i mean come on..those of you who have read the book should know what i mean.! it is an adult book therefore leave it as a adult movie.!

  19. Bella says:

    I Luv rob but cmon people. y is this movie pg 13. I read the book and it is inappropiate for 15 yr olds! Grrrrr those people just wanna make money. The books amazing but cmon seriously.No young person should see the movie. My mom would never let me go.I love rob!

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