8 HD clips from ‘Water for Elephants’

We posted the 8 clips previously but they are now available on YouTube and in HD.

“The Way Elephants Flirt”

“Our Salvation”

“You Are An Intruder”

“Just Come With Me”

“I’m A Star Attraction”

“I’d Hate To Think Of It”

“United States of Suckers”

“You Need to Get Off”

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3 Responses to 8 HD clips from ‘Water for Elephants’

  1. leahreallyitis says:

    I love that line: “The world is run on tricks everyone plays” I love it! I’m the star attraction out there I got nothin….*sigh* I can’t to wait to see this movie :)

  2. kittiina says:

    I saw the movie in Finland, Helsinki at the Artisokka film festiva as an openig movie last thursday and it was beatifull. He is so gorgeous and talented. The plot is good and the film is entertaining but I think there is lack of passion between the leading couple. I do like him better as a vampire but of course he is always good looking and a joy to the eye.

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