SCANS: ‘Water for Elephants’ cast interviews, plus film review in Total Film

Total Film feature on Water for Elephants, including interviews with Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon, Christoph Waltz and the film’s director, Francis Lawrence. Tai’s trainer, Gary Johnson, also answers some questions. The last two scans contain Total Film’s review of Water for Elephants.

Click all images to get the easy-read size. :)

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5 Responses to SCANS: ‘Water for Elephants’ cast interviews, plus film review in Total Film

  1. LiRock says:

    “Hot Bob”?
    Who are these critics and why do people listen to them?
    If I chose my movies according to them I would have missed out on some of the most enjoyable times I have had at the theater.
    …….stepping off my soapbox now……….

  2. Mia says:

    Hmm i actually thought that review was decent, they obviously liked the film and Robs performance they just didn’t think it had an epic, sweeping feel to it like it’s been sold as. Fair enough. But as far as reviews go, this one isn’t so bad. Quite positive actually.

  3. John Goodall says:

    I tried to blow up the story so I could read it. Unfortunately, when blowing it up, it ends up much larger than the page. Is there a way that the story could be the same size as scam 1 and 2. Thanks.

    • deb24601 says:

      I took a quick look and don’t see a way to change the size. Maybe another kinker will have a look. I know what you mean John, they are bigger than the screen; I scrolled across the screen to read. Mind, I need the big type for my poor old eyes anyway. :)

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