Red Carpet with Team Rosie!

See You There!

Team Rosie is thrilled to announce our attendance on the Water for Elephants Red Carpet Sunday, April 17 at 5pm EST at the Ziegfeld Theater in Midtown New York City.

Team Rosie will be live Tweeting and Facebook updating, taking photos and, most importantly, HD video interviews with the cast and other VIPs in attendance!

  • From the film: Reese Witherspoon, Robert Pattinson, Christoph Waltz, Hal Holbrook, Ken Foree, Donna Scott, Mark Povinelli, Jim Norton, director Francis Lawrence, screenwriter Richard LaGravenese,¬†bestselling author Sara Gruen
  • Additional guests: Julia Stiles, Gina Gershon, John Lithgow, Michael Strahan, Nicole Murphy, Peter¬†Dinklage, James Badge Dale

We’ll be asking the questions that the fans want answers to! We’ve been editing our list to make sure we ask questions that have not been asked before!

Team Rosie will also be participating in the Color App video and photo live stream at The live stream will start at 4:30pm EST and will be visible worldwide.

We are so excited to be participating in this most special Water for Elephants occasion! Please join us throughout the celebration and expect a giant recap spread out all next week!

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3 Responses to Red Carpet with Team Rosie!

  1. Maggie says:

    Any advice for fans going to NYC to see the “red carpet” arrivals? Are they handing out wristbands early in the morning?

  2. suzyquzy says:

    I am so proud of and for everyone… A few of the special guests are “Bourne” people
    right? Want every little detail please.

  3. TEAM ROSIE did a sensational job last night….at the Hilton Cocktail party. It was truly a memorable. My hat is off to all those who stood outside in the rain all night long. I walked the line at 10pm saying hello to as many as I could. Many times I have stood in the rain as a “circus fan” to watch the big top go up at 5am. I can identify with these fans. I felt at home. You are all wonderful people with a passion for the movie, for the stars, for Tai, and for the circus and performing animals. Thank you for including me and I look forward to seeing you all gain “down the road” as is said in the circus biz!

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