The Water for Elephants Marquee is UP!

It’s hard to believe that the day has finally arrived!

The day has arrived.

Sources: Twifans | twilightpoison
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5 Responses to The Water for Elephants Marquee is UP!

  1. Karen says:

    I’m new to this. do we get to see the movie too? do I need to get tickets ahead of time? and most important, where will all of you be so i can ingrate myself?

    see you in a couple of hours!

  2. teresa says:

    wish i was there intead of doing taxes Have a great time can’t wait for more pic thanks for share its hard to believe it here can’t wait until next week do you think Tai be there (;

  3. My heart skipped a beat as the sign went up on the marquee! My hat is off to the fans who stood in line all night in the pouring rain!

  4. Sus says:

    WoooHooo! Have fun, kinkers!


  5. danice says:

    oho que ganas de haber estado alla, pero ya queda poco, aunque tampoco vere a Rob, eso de estar lejos…..pero lista para ir el 28 de este ms

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