Elle Russia’s ‘Water for Elephants’ Story

Воды слонам is Russian for Water for Elephants. We have a rough translation of the Elle Russia story covering the movie.


This show, a brilliant and bright, which drags makes forget about everything. But the viewer never realizes that the most real show – behind the scenes. And it shows – life.
The film “Water for Elephants”, which very soon will be released in theaters, like all. Because this film shows the life of circus actors, such as it is. Family drama, love and hatred, malice and generosity, courage and risk. Nobody can think that the life of circus actor is so complicated, so confusing. And so dangerous.

But first things first. The film “Water for Elephants” was created based on the homonymous book by Sara Gruen, which soon became a bestseller, and today continues to be one of the most popular novels. The film, like the book, tells of the lives of several people whom fate had accidentally collided with each other. Allow me to provide them.
Jacob (Robert Pattinson). Student is a veterinarian from a poor family. After going through a huge shock, Jacob throws his studies, and in the literal sense, goes, aimlessly. He got into the first train, and it so happened that in the same train was traveling well-known at that time “Gasoline Brothers Circus.”

Marlena (Reese Witherspoon). Beauty with porcelain skin, a young animal trainer, which perfectly finds common language with them. That’s just my husband and I are out of luck. Yes, her husband in August literally pulled her out of poverty, gave her the opportunity to feel like a star. But it can not compensate for its severe and complete lack of marital happiness.

August (Christoph Waltz). A circus owner, the husband of Marlene. Unique person. Maybe he and a tyrant, but the identity is ambiguous and can not evaluate it on one side only. “Lord and master of all Cognitum and unknown.” This is the best description of Augustus.
Thus, the three men pushed fate in the same train. Within a few decades old Jacob will reflect – he chose the train, or train picked him? We will not tell the whole plot of the film – this film worth seeing. You can only say that the plot, and staging, and the actors play – all flawlessly.

Remove a good movie by the book – it is hard work. This can make sure all looking at some of these tapes. After all, it is necessary not only to convey the meaning of the novel. Need to transfer all the feelings of the characters, but does not distort the book. Sara Gruen herself said that writing a novel, and write the screenplay for this novel – two completely different works. And often the script is much more difficult. Richard LaGravenesu script for the film “Water for Elephants” “success. Moreover, as acknowledged by the actors, the story became even more exciting, and the characters – more vivid, more pronounced.
No less important to the success of the film and acting. Director (Francis Lawrence) and producers (Erwin Stoff) managed to pick up the cast almost immediately. For example, Reese Witherspoon was just made for the role of Marlena. As acknowledged by most actresses, she completely got used to the way tamer.

Robert Pattinson as quickly imbued his role, and just as quickly got used to the image of his character. As regards Christoph Waltz, he penetrated into the essence of his character, so his game is simply amazing.
In general, it is worth saying that both the book and movie script like the entire cast. Perhaps that’s why we got a great movie. Lively and sincere. These films are now rarely removed. A fascinating story, sincere feelings, real experiences – not every band is able to combine in himself all that. And why should go to the cinema to show the “Water for Elephants”. Apparently, no one will be disappointed.

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  1. Bettybmusing says:

    I am so glad to hear a review that shows repect for the entire cast
    and their performances. The review also included how beautiful the cinematography, costumes, animals… Seem to blend from novel to screen.

    WFE is a must see :)

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