VIDEO: Reese Witherspoon Interview on Regis and Kelly

Reese Witherspoon appeared on Regis and Kelly earlier today looking glamorous, as per usual. So cute that they played Britney Spears “Circus” as she walked out.

Reese talks:

  • how you only get married for the 2nd time, once ;)
  • having S’mores at the wedding reception
  • her daughter, Ava, was her maid of honor (awww)
  • being a movie producer
  • enthusiasm for the Royal Wedding, and being bummed she’s not invited
  • Marlena’s finger-waved hair
  • not being able to keep any Water for Elephants costumes
  • working with animals – working with Bruiser did not prepare her for working with Tai
  • training with Cirque du Soleil trainers
  • Tai’s Oscar buzz (HA!)
  • doing her own stunts with Tai, but using a double for the horses
  • working with Robert Pattinson and being scared that his fans would “scratch her eyes out” at the premiere :(
  • Christoph being a great actor

Then they show the movie clip of Christoph introducing Marlena and Jacob to Rosie the elephant.

Watch the video!


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  2. IVYFIGGY says:

    Definitely, not her eyes…paps and security maybe…lol

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