VIDEO: Robert Pattinson on Ellen plus the Backstage Interview

Always an entertaining interview when Robert Pattinson visits Ellen!

And Backstage Snack Time will be up as soon as WordPress calms down. >:/

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7 Responses to VIDEO: Robert Pattinson on Ellen plus the Backstage Interview

  1. ginger says:

    I have seen just about every Ellen Rob has done and this has to be the best one.
    Someone needs to get him in a comedy. Hes a natural! thanks for posting- it made my day!!!

  2. girlpower says:

    So much fun! Can hardly wait for backstage!

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  4. smittenkitten says:

    I loved watching this, Rob & Ellen are absolutely adorable together!!! Thanks for posting this.

    Deb, Tink & Jen…the party was fabulous! It was wonderful to meet & visit with all of you & then Sara and Mark signing autographs & taking pictures…it was all so special!
    Enjoyed the night very much!

    I have great pictures of Sara doing the 1-2-3 out in the rain with us for photos! Let me know if ya’ll would like them posted. She was so funny & the pictures are very cute!


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  6. Spindellini says:

    I love watching him on Ellen! He opens up, realizes what he says (oops) and then keeps going with it anyway. So much better than the repetitive questions on the junkets. Someday there will be a comedy I am sure of it. I am seeing a theme that he likes to be beaten, tormented, or die in his movies. Maybe if someone writes him a bit of a dark comedy he’ll sign on. (not too dark please- I am a wuss.) Can’t wait to see WFE!

    Don’t snails carry salmonella?

  7. taytay says:

    i just finished the book this morning and i made my goal of finishing the book before the movies comes out. The book was amazing and i would recommend it to anyone. The movie is going to be amazing. Reese and Robert are going to be wonderful together.
    Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!

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