REVIEW: The Hollywood Reporter: “Pattinson is entirely convincing as Jacob”

Yeah, he is! Excerpts from The Hollywood Reporter:

Films about traveling circuses, and the often daring and dodgy people who worked in them, used to be relatively commonplace in American movies and it could be that the novelty of seeing such a troupe, traveling from one town to another on a train with dozens of performers, workers and lots of animals in tow, might be enough to captivate a fair share of people today, just as Gruen’s 2006 novel did.

Furthermore, the central dilemma—that of a beautiful woman caught between her debt to the circus impresario who plucked her from a dismal existence to make her a circus star as well as his wife and her mounting passion for a handsome young man who escapes a personal tragedy by joining the company—may be well-worn but can always work in the right hands, and Reese Witherspoon, Robert Pattinson and Christoph Waltz are all more than up to the task.

Under Francis Lawrence’s sleekly studied direction, everything has been smoothed out to the extent that even dire poverty does not seem entirely unappealing. Certainly the three leads never do. Looking 300 per cent better than he did in his last non-”Twilight” outing, “Remember Me,” Pattinson is entirely convincing as Jacob, a Cornell veterinary school student who escapes from the ruin provoked by his parents’ untimely death by almost inadvertently joining the circus.

Waltz, in his first big film since soaring to prominence in Inglourious Basterds, again scores strongly as a powerful middle-aged man who doesn’t eliminate the snake in his grass before it’s too late. As for Witherspoon, she’s as fetching as ever as the platinum blonde any guy would want to catch But when August insults Marlena as being of a “common type,” it’s clear Witherspoon needed to inject a bit of Jean Harlow into her characterization to emphasize the lower depths from whence she came that can never be entirely erased. Despite the hard glances and suggestion of a working class accent, Marlena is still a shade too much the lady and not enough of a dame. 

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4 Responses to REVIEW: The Hollywood Reporter: “Pattinson is entirely convincing as Jacob”

  1. rpartzgirl says:

    I love good reviews! I read some nasty ones yesterday and decided those people must be blind, deaf & tarded..

  2. suzyquzy says:

    We may have to deal with reviewers who said bad , bad things about Rob in the
    past that are going to have a problem eating crow….by the gallon..some may not
    be able to stomach what they need to say.

  3. Isabel says:

    I just wish that the good ones counted on Rotten Tomatoes…why that site is soooo important I have no clue…but it has created quite a little power trip for itself. Why I should listen to a site named after bad produce as to which movie I should see is beyond me.

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