VIDEO: Extended clip from Water for Elephants ~ The Train

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  1. anitra willis says:

    Can’t believe this but it’s finaLly here!!! I get to see this clip and the rest of the movie in less than 30 mins!!! I’m at Cinemark Century in Evanston, IL enjoying a ginger martini and apps with my good friend (who hasn’t read the book btw). Special preview being hosted bt! Thanks Tink for ALL of your updates. I read (and watch) EVERY one! You’re amazing!

  2. IVYFIGGY says:

    I’ll be watching it in Woodbridge, VA…one hour and twenty minutes from now…went to premiere in NYC…glad to be finally seeing WFE…at last!

  3. Scott MacDonald says:

    I am Blackie. Circus roustabout and red lighter… I am in Chattanooga for the official premiere here– where we filmed at the historic train museum last summer. I will see it for the first time w/ the fans here. They have a circus set up in front of the theatre and there will be wire walkers, fire breathers, trapeze artists…and BLACKIE baby! The hotel is a bit different this time around! Last time there were 400 girls out front calling Robert’s name… it was like Beatle mania. What’s the deal? No Blackie love!?? Ha! Enjoy the most Spectacular Show on Earth!!!! xxoo Blackie

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