‘Water for Elephants’ “overperforming” at the Friday Box Office!

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Good Friday is turning out to be excellent for the movie business, with Rio continuing to soar and new entry Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family off to a solid start.

The surprise is Water for Elephants — starring Reese Witherspoon, Robert Pattinson and Christoph Waltz — which is overperforming in early business at the domestic box office.

If matinee traffic is any indication, 20th Century Fox’s Rio should win the Easter weekend. The 3D toon has jumped the $200 million mark worldwide, a feat considering how sluggish the box office has been.

Rio is sustaining plenty of momentum in its second Friday, thanks to hordes of kids being out of school. Matinee levels were the same as a week ago — a great sign — but box office observers cautioned that Rio could fall off at night.

If Rio falls 30% from last weekend’s opening weekend gross of $39.2 million, it would put this weekend’s gross at roughly $27 million. Traffic will die off on Easter Sunday, but a decline of only 30% decline now seems within reach.

Madea is on track to finish the weekend at No. 2, with a gross in the low to mid $20 million range.

Heading into the weekend, Fox 2000’s Water for Elephants was projected to post an opening weekend gross of between $13 million to $15 million.

Water, based on the bestselling book by Sara Gruen, has been gaining momentum in recent days, particularly among younger females, and has every chance now of doing more business. The film’s strongest demo, according to tracking, is older women.

Universal’s Hop also was having a great Friday, thanks to so many kids being out of school for spring break and Easter weekend

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13 Responses to ‘Water for Elephants’ “overperforming” at the Friday Box Office!

  1. RobPattzBoo says:

    Woooooo hoooooooo! I’m just going to start the Team Queenie club now. I heart that little dog and her drunken tricks!

  2. M too, but also hime being in the trunk ;)

    • Drooler says:

      Never mind headboards: nipple tassel is my life now!

      This movie is mesmerizing. My girlfriends and I had the best time tonight!

  3. Sus says:

    OMG, OMG…what a beautiful movie! I’m still emo over the whole thing. I knew this was going to be a break-out role for Rob, but he surprised me! Rob, Christoph, Rosie, Reese, Queenie and all the actors were fabulous! Incredible! I think I’ll back tomorrow and see it again!


  4. teresa says:

    got my cd today listin to it waiting for sat to come going to see movie first thing in morning than take a lunch break and see it again
    soo can’t wait hopfully no storms yes I am older woman LOL but not too older (: maybe i am couger thats need a vet >>LOL

    • Linda says:

      Ummm,k me too and get your own “Vet.” My Jacob is spoken for…lol…I was going to get the CD today, but got busy with Easter doin’s I forgot…:-O How could that happen?

  5. Linda says:

    Live in San Diego…myself and two work mates took the day off…lunch and WFE…the 2PM showing was full (large theatre)…The audience ooo’d and aww’d in all the appropriate places..laughed out loud…and their were few dry eyes at the spectacular ending….To top if off, the entire audience applauded…I have rarely seen that in a movie theatre….
    Hats off to all those involed making one of the most “Spectacular Shows on Earth!”
    San Diego, CA

  6. ransomfan says:

    It was a great day to see a great movie! Christoph, Reese, and Rob were spectacular in Water For Elephants, as were all the stars including the animals. My husband and I enjoyed the 2:00 showing, so much fun for us today. WFE is a sensational and touching movie, ( as good as the book), going to see it again this weekend… Then, maybe again next week but this time with one of my girlfriends. LOVED IT!

  7. Jean says:

    I loved the movie also. Saw the first showing this morning. Going again tomorrow. Rob is perfect !! So is everone else . I am also older and age has nothing to do with recognizing talent and good looks.

    • Mandy07 says:

      Glad to see such a come out on friday, won’t be able to see the movie until Monday but am anticipating it ! I also am a cougar but I understand what you’re saying not all of us are tweens and the media needs to acknowledge this. Just say women are in love with him and don’t put him in the teen bracket that so many of you do. HE IS NOT JUST A VAMPIRE ANYMORE!!!

  8. march301 says:

    Fairly full theater when I went, too. People laughed a lot at Christoph’s lines and there was some gasping during some of the more intense scenes. Some scattered applause at the end, too. I greatly enjoyed it!

    • Linda says:

      I truly had a hard time with the Rosie abuse was going on…I have to say that made me squirm in my seat a bit…Even knowing it was only a movie and it wasn’t actually happening, but in those days, it did happen and no one officially would do anything about it…I can see why the cast fell in love with her…She was a charmer…:-)

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