TWITTER: Water for Elephants receives universal support

All you have to do to feel good about the momentum surrounding Water for Elephants is search the key words “Water for Elephants” on twitter. 99% of the comments about the film are enthusiastic and positive. With Flixster showing a 93% approval from users, the movie is not only loved by hardcore fans but has become universally crowd-pleasing.

We asked our followers to tweet us adjectives that describe WFE:

10 was too limiting. The adjectives poured in:

Breathtaking, absofrickenfablutelymesmerizing, stupendous, amazing, wonderful, refreshing, captivating, epic, beautiful, sublime, the perfect getaway, sensational, emotional, touching, passionate, mesmerizing, authentic, emotional, historical, remarkable, moving, powerful, and more. :)

As if all this support wasn’t fabulous enough, a few celebrities have given WFE a shout out. Tom Cruise gave it retweet:

Kings of Leon bass guitarist, Jared Followill got his man crush on:

Chelsea Handler called out for girl power & the fellas that work on her show also enjoyed:

Zach Braff made an important note that prompted Kinker Jen to joke and say the movie should be called Whiskey for Elephants. Rosie needs an AA meeting! ;)

Rob’s sister Lizzy Pattinson also chimed in:

Joan Collins was impressed with Rob:

Derek Hough & Lacey Schwimmer from Dancing With The Stars

Hugh! The bunnies watched WFE on Easter :)

Paris Hilton watched WFE with a posse!

Roger Ebert already provided a thoughtful critique but came back on twitter to reality check some of those negative reviews:

And all this support is not going unnoticed by someone who deserves it:

Keep supporting Water for Elephants! Keep the buzz going and take your family and friends. You know they won’t be disappointed. :)

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10 Responses to TWITTER: Water for Elephants receives universal support

  1. Nella Dostal says:

    In Australia the movie has not being released yet but I have good feeling that is going to be fantastic.

  2. Lisa says:

    Roger Ebert is spot on with his comment. It’s going to take a long time for the bias against Rob to disappear. I know Twilight brought Rob to the attention of the masses, but I for one can not wait for it to be over. WFE is a stunning movie & deserves all the praise that it’s getting.

  3. Bettybmusing says:

    WFE is a beautiful movie with a solid cast. Robert gave a outstandinfg performance as Jacob.

    There is constructive criticism and then there is criticism that is meant to defame, dismiss and destroy. Once you start to read reviews with sarcastic  harsh verbal attacks repeatedly at a certain actor or actress. The readers of the review began to wonder about the critic’s true motives, because the review no longer reads as  a professional observation but something seemingly begrudging and personal.

    • Jessie says:

      Bettybmusing, I could SERIOUSLY not agree with you more. I have read some of the neg reviews and I think that if they look at what they write with a clear vision they will see what others see, they are targeted and personal attacks and it’s so unprofessional. I work in an industry, that would not think twice in discrediting me professionally the SECOND I become biased. So, sorry, guys with a biased opinion… I don’t credit your opinion as worthy. Not just with this movie or with Robert Pattinson, but generally speaking, I cannot respect the opinion of someone whose job IT IS to be UNBIASED but yet is time and time again found to be BIASED… pheeew, I feel better now lol

  4. Dee says:

    I saw it 3 times this weekend. I obviously am a little biased towards Rob but my husband is NOT. ;) He read the lousy reviews and said your “Boy” bombed according to the critics.
    Last night he went with me. When we came out he said, “Those critics must have seen a different movie than we did because that was really good.” Then he asked,”Why are they out to get him???” LOL Then he said, “It’s the critics that bombed. Your boy did good.” High praise from the hubs lol

    I was so happy to see Roger Ebert’s tweet..finally someone who was thoughtful about what he saw. No it’s not perfect but it is amazingly beautiful…all of it.

    I’m not sure about where else lives but the theaters here were packed everytime I went. The crowd was mixed, male and female. The age group ranged from early 20’s to seniors and everyone applauded, a lot of us cried. lol The first time I thought it was because I was in NYC last week and it was all very emotional but I cried the 3rd time too. lol It’s just that mesmerizing. I didn’t know where on the screen to look.

    I can’t wait to see the numbers but of course they will say it wasn’t enough and he failed like they always do…we know the truth. I can’t wait to see it again!

  5. Melissa says:

    I have seen this movie twice already and plan on seeing it more times. I’ve already spread the word to my friends basically anyone who will listen I am telling them how amazing this movie is. When I read the negative reviews it just got me thinking, sometimes are the critics even watching the same movie that the audience is? And doesn’t Rob get any credit for trying something different? I think everyone in this movie was seriously amazing, it was a beautifully told story and the acting was again amazing. It just bugs me that no matter what Rob does as an actor he will always be harshly judge instead of respect for stepping outside of the “Twilight” movies that have made him so famous. Rob definitely blew me away in this film with the range of acting, emotions as well as facial expression he was allowed to give in this film. I just can’t say enough about this film , the director and the cast. I just seriously don’t understand why everyone has to rain on this beautiful parade. We all know he has major talent and has a long career ahead of him, it’s just said that some critics refuse to see it. :(

  6. Jean says:

    I have seen it twice and will go again. Robert Pattinson was great and any one saying different is just being stupid or mean. He is the only reason I will go to see it many times. It is a great movie but he makes it better.

  7. cattybitchy says:

    Some might find this funny, but everyday, i pry for rob! an i mean serious prayers, like if he is a very close sibling and i have been doing this since 08, when RM CAMEout i so believe it would of done well, because i was prayingWRONG! and i cried, but i still kept prying for rob, everything in his life, it’s the least i could do, the lord sad pry for one another, now when WFE, came out and i read what those negative critic was writing abt rob and then the BO, 7mill, i though the lord had let me down, but i still prayed and cry,i shoulds have remember, my timing and the Lord’s timing are two different things, i can say the lord do answer prayes, NEED AND WANT IS DIFFERENT! THANK YOU LORD, and forgave me, excuse the mistakes.

  8. Mia says:

    Ooh thanks for this! I love seeing how so many people enjoyed WFE! It’s great to see, I think this movie will have great word of mouth. So nice to hear it’s doing well at the BO too.

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