VIDEO: Robert Pattinson interview at Berlin press junket (German)

For our German speaking readers ;)


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  2. PDXMadeline says:

    Well, I do speak German, and I enjoyed it very much! Different questions than what was asked in all of the LA-based interviews…

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  4. Jule says:

    I speak german too, and i tried to write down what Rob said that was kind of interesting:
    “New” in this interview is, that he says his character jacob is 24, like him, and knows what he wants to do with his life. Rob say’s he can’t say that about himself and that he doesn’t know himself at all.
    He also say’s that he always asks himself why he starts filming a new movie right after finishing one and that he always thinks about not doing movies anymore.
    He is excited for his new movie, he always feels exhausted at the end of a shoot but the energy comes back when he starts a new one.
    If he would ever jump a train he would like to go to the Maledives and sit on the beach forever. All Rob needs is a pizza parlor and a beach bar.

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