RED CARPET: The premiere of Water for Elephants in Paris

WFE banner outside the Grand Rex theater

The carpet is set up and fans are waiting anxiously. Robert Pattinson and Francis Lawrence arrived this morning and Reese Witherspoon arrived yesterday.

The premiere will begin shortly and we’ll update this post with live tweets and pics as they come in.

Fans waiting :)

Red carpet rolled out!/Robmeee/status/63619428922830848!/Robmeee/status/63647889863348224!/Robmeee/status/63638738164645888

Rain isn't keeping people away :)

Theater stage, interior

Screen inside the theater

Translation: The WFE soundtrack is playing outside!/Robmeee/status/63665011054215168!/Robmeee/status/63666651975000064!/Robmeee/status/63669368042692608!/PatStewBoneCT/status/63669584275849216

Looks like Rob, Reese, Christoph, Francis, and Richard LaGravenese

We got a trend :) That’s a wrap on the red carpet! HQ pics and vids will be in shortly. :)

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  1. Bettybmusing says:

    Around the world with Robert :) It’s great to see the fans so excited in letting Robert Pattinson know he is a A – List Movie Star. He leads we follow :)…. LOL

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