VIDEO: Really fun Madchen de interview with Robert Pattinson

Water for Elephants, the Royal Wedding, Canada (squee) and showers. Just watch. Trust. ;)

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10 Responses to VIDEO: Really fun Madchen de interview with Robert Pattinson

  1. roblover says:

    I really enjoyed this interview because I could hear his answers to the questions and he was so interesting. Always! Thanks.

  2. roblover says:

    I meant I could understand his answers because they were in english. (Sorry)

  3. robsmile1 says:

    Love his answers but does anyone know if there is a english translation of the questions – especially the last one? LOL

    • Roblovin' grandma says:

      Last question was “Did you get an invitation?” Still in reference to the Royal wedding. Thanks to everyone for sharing all the wonderful pics, interivews, & videos surrounding this wonderful movie!

    • Kelli says:

      they asked him if he was invited to the Royal Wedding and he said that he wasn’t going to go, then he laughs and says that he didn’t receive an invitation…. :)

  4. You all probably know the questions already but I’ve translated them nonetheless! :P

    Q1: How long does it take you to get ready in the bathroom in the mornings?
    Q2: Do you sing in the shower
    Q3: Do you regret something that you once said to a reporter, that later became a big scandal?
    Q4: what was the worst?
    Q5: What was it like working with Reese Witherspoon? What have you learned from it?
    Q6:Which actor would you work with?
    Q7:what do you do if you just want to get away from the paparazzi so you can feel “normal”?
    Q8: Are you looking forward to Kate and William’s British wedding?
    Q9: Did you get an invitation?

  5. Oh woops! I left one out, i think! After “What actor do you want to work with?” he’s asked “Were there any funny moments on set?” :)

  6. danice says:

    traducir al espaƱol , spanish ,

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