‘Water for Elephants’ Barcelona: Online Chat with Robert Pattinson

Here are the ‘Water for Elephants’ bits of the chat.

1. Your character in Water for Elephants share something with your character in Twilight, love. Jacob wants to offer a better life Reese’s character even if it means sacrificing himself. What would you be willing to do for love?
It depends. It is a difficult question. Love usually flows freely, with some exceptions.

2. Hi Rob, first I’d like to welcome you to our country. I read the book “water for elephants” over the weekend, fell in love with the character your portray and the story. One of my biggest concerns is whether the script was closely adapted from the book or have there been big changes made. Best regards from a twilight-mom, fan of yours and of Edward Cullen. Hope you have a good time these days and you take away good memories of our country.
I think it’s very close. There are a couple of characters in the book that are not in the script. And there are good changes in my opinion. The book tells of a rather dark circus, but the circus of the film is brighter with more light.

3. Having been presenting “Water for Elephants” in various cities around the world, where have you encountered the roudiest fans? the most affectionate? Thank you very much, I admire your work, your smile and your sympathy. Do not change :)
Certainly there are many differences. Speaking of fans in Spain, they get very excited and transmit a lot of energy.

9. The first thing to greet you and congratulate you on your success, I think you’re a great actor and professional. In this new film, Water for Elephants Have you ever had a scene that for a moment thought I was going to be impossible to interpret? Maybe a stunt, or a scene that made you feel personally uncomfortable. Thank you very much Robert.
The final scene in the script seemed totally impossible. It took a long time to shoot.
15. Hi Rob! Congratulations on your latest work. Does the experience of working with two Oscar-winning actors (Christoph Waltz and Reese Witherspoon), demanded a higher level of acting? Have you noticed parallels between the life as a Hollywood actor and your performance in a nomadic circus? Thank you very much and good luck with your future projects.
Yes I always try to make things as best I can. Working with great actors makes, stimulates you to be a better actor.. get more out of you.

20. What animal did you find it easier and more difficult to work with? “And which one would you take home? I love your work, I’m looking forward to seeing “Water for Elephants” with just the trailer I know that I love it. Greetings from Sevilla.Inma.
I think the elephant was the easiest. I would take him home. It was hard to work with the dog because he fell asleep every few minutes …

You can read the full chat at Robert Pattinson News. :)

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8 Responses to ‘Water for Elephants’ Barcelona: Online Chat with Robert Pattinson

  1. Robin Talley says:

    Hello Rob! I wanted to say that I loved the film! I loved you and Reese and the chemistry you both exuded. I think you are a wonderful actor and I hope that you keep taking the roles that showcase your abilities. I was introduced to you through the “Twilight” series and while I love them and you give your character justice, I would love for your critics to see how versatile you are and how much you give to each of your characters. I think you have a long career ahead of you and hope to watch every bit of it I can! I applaud you as an actor and as a person! Thank you for entertaining us!

  2. Carla c says:

    Hi Robert I’m a fan of all your movies. Do you like the characters you have to play in you movies? I know alot about you i have a book. Also if I wanted to be an actor how can I gain the condfidance to perform infrount of the crowd?

  3. molly says:

    your movies are full of emotions and i wish one day i can get your atograph it will conpleat my colection of robert pattison stuff. your my inspration of acting i want to follow your foot steps also i can play piano and gutair really well. water for elephants will be one more to my collection of movies. hope you reply soon bye.

  4. Ishraq says:

    Hi Robert !! I’m a really big fan of u .. i love u , i love your acting , your movies and your personality . I just wanted to know what Jacob means to you ?? And does he affected on u ?? And in the end .. Rob you mean everything to me by now , you totally changed me .. i’m in love with u . Thanx for beeing yourself <3<3

  5. Raghda says:

    Come 2 Egypt

  6. roblover says:

    Hi Rob,
    Congratulations! You are a wonderful actor and I love, not only your portrayal of Jacob in “Water for Elephants,” but I love your work. I’m 66 and I know what I love. Come to my town, Wallis, TX. I’d love to meet you, like millions of other people. LOL I wish you continued success.

  7. mary says:

    bonjour, vraiment un grand bravo pour tous vos films vous êtes vraiment un grand acteur vous avez vraiment tout pour plaire!!!!! merci

  8. sarra says:

    Hummm… Hi I am not a fan of robert pattinson but I really like his acting and if I have the chance to talk to him I will say this : (It’s in french because at first I’m french and so it’s easier for me to express my true feelings about him. I hope he can take the time to understand and of course to read my ending statement)

    Et bien jusqu’à maintenant je n’ai absolument jamais pris le temps de connaître un acteur ni donc de lui parler. Mais à l’instant même où je t’ai découvert dans le film ” The haunted Airman” je suis immédiatement tombée sous le charme de ton jeux d’acteur. C’est assez bizarre à dire mais lorsque tu joue n’importe quel rôle que ce soit celui de jacob dans “water for the elephants” ou celui d’Edward dans “Twilight” je perçoit à chaque fois chaque percelle de ta véritable personnalité et aussi à quel point tu aimes ce que tu fais. Je ne sais si un jour j’aurais l’honneur de rencontrer un acteur tel que toi ou même que tu lises ce commentaire mais saches que si tu le lis, il y a une fille parmis tant d’autres quelque part en France qui aspire à te parler en chair et en os rien que pour que tu saches depuis combient de temps elle t’attend…
    So in conclusion I wish to apologize if i have bored you or to thank you if you helped me to talk to him…
    It really is existential for me to see him in real and to and talk directly.
    Sarra, Paris.

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