RECAP: Water for Elephants premiere in London, England…next stop Sydney!

Christop, Robert, Reese, Francis, and WFE producer, Erwin Stoff

WOW! The Water for Elephants London premiere went all out! Best one yet. There were circus performances, a center ring (equipped with ring master), and hundreds of fans that camped out 2 days earlier. Fans were also treated to a new still of Jacob and Rosie before the festivities got started. Bravo, London! You know how to put on a show. :) The premiere took place at Westfield London shopping center. They were on the scene and captured some great footage of the event.

This red carpet interview was too cute. Plus it was nice seeing the WFE producer, Erwin Stoff :)

Click HERE and HERE to view more interviews and red carpet footage

There were a bajillion pictures that came out of the UK premiere. Seriously. A bajillion. Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon keeping with the theme and just looking lovely.

Reese stunning in royal blue Stella McCartney

Rob dashing in deep navy and black Dries Von Noten

Click HERE and HERE to view a bajillion more.

Rob & Reese will appear on the Graham Norton Show which was taped after the premiere.

Click HERE to view more images from the show

The Graham Norton Show will air on BBC One, Friday 6 May at 10.40pm. BBC has more details from the visit. Click HERE to read some spoilers.

There were some other cute morning show interviews you shouldn’t miss.

UK press junket videos from the UK are popping up. Here’s a standout from Guardian UK with Francis, Rob, Reese, and Christoph.

Plus a couple of radio interviews: Click HERE and HERE to listen.

PHEW! That’s hardly everything. The UK premiere and surrounding promotional events was like a 100 meter dash. My head is still spinning. When things slow down, we’ll pop up some of the special interviews with new commentary on the film. So now….are you ready for Sydney?!

From PopsugarAU:

Pitt St Mall will be taken over by a 300 metre-long red carpet that will stretch from King St to Market St, and as it’s the only chance Aussies will get to see the two stars while they’re here organisers are expecting around 3,000 fans to show up!

It will be the first time Robert and Reese have travelled to Australia to promote a movie, and they’ll be coming off a whirlwind European tour where they attended premieres and press conferences in Paris, Berlin, Barcelona and London (this is also their last one — saving the best for last, right?). Robert and Reese will hit the red carpet from 6 p.m. onwards, so for a chance to get a glimpse of them you’ll probably have to start lining up early!

Don’t know what time that is? Click HERE to convert the red carpet arrivals to your time zone.

Rob, Reese, and Francis have already arrived! We’re less than 12 hours away from the main event. Hope they either get a nap or some java and go out with a BANG! WFE international promo has been stellar!

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    You would think they would be bored and exhausted after all of the promoting and traveling. But they all look fresh and fabulous! I absolutely love Reese’s dress.
    Of course Rob is simply gorgeous. I am running out of adjectives.
    Tink what a great job of covering all of this. You deserve tons of accolades!

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