Reunited and it feels so good: Rob connects with an old friend during WFE Sydney

I was reluctant to share this info because it’s not directly related to Water for Elephants but since it all came to fruition on this blog, sharing will now commence.

The Daily Telegraph reported:

A year after helping Hollywood heart-throb Robert Pattinson reconnect with an Aussie-based school mate, Charlie Bowman, we can now report the Water For Elephants star has finally caught up with his old friend in Sydney – and we take full credit.

“If Charlie is reading this, tell him to call me,” Pattinson asked us in an interview last year, referring to Melbourne-based Bowman, with whom he lost contact after shutting down his Facebook page.

“Tell him to call my mum, because he’s probably still got that number.”

With our help, the pair got in touch again, and on Friday night they dined at Bondi’s Icebergs.

“Was that you I spoke to?” Pattinson asked us when we spoke to the British actor on the red carpet on Friday night.

“Thanks for that. I plan to meet up with him later tonight.”

Do you remember the original story? We posted it almost a year ago. Rob was speaking to The Daily Telegraph when he mentioned Charlie:

“I haven’t ever been to Australia but a lot of my best friends from school have moved there, to Melbourne,” he says excitedly, using our chat as an opportunity to get in touch with a long-lost mate.

“If Charlie is reading this, tell him to call me,” he says. “We used to stay in contact via Facebook but I can’t really have Facebook any more because it kept getting hacked into so I haven’t talked to him for a while.

“Tell him to call my mum because he’s probably still got that number.”

Well Charlie commented on our post. :)

Click HERE and read his comment. Cute to see our friend, Suzie, hoping they get to reconnect. The story doesn’t end just yet…

When you comment on wordpress, you have to leave an email address. We verified that the email did in fact belong to Charlie Bowman and wondered if there was a way to get this info to Rob.

The Eclipse premiere was around the corner and I was going (naturally). We decided I would try to give the email address to Rob if I was lucky enough to have a front spot on the red carpet fan area. I wasn’t so lucky and was part of the second row. If you’ve ever done these premiere things, second row might as well be no man’s land. It’s front line or bust. My expectations lowered considerably and I figured I’d just enjoy the sights (people’s backs and asses) and sounds (screams).

At the time, I had my camera and flip vid in my Team Rosie tote. I also was wearing my Team Rosie shirt. I was trying to show WFE some love at the Twilight extravaganza. Rob hit the carpet and like I said, all I saw were people’s backs. I’m not exactly tall so I thought I’d hold my hand out with some Eclipse postcard I had and hope Rob would sign that. When he was literally one person away, a light bulb went off. My Team Rosie tote.

Cameras, flip vid, wallet, and all, I thrust it in the air above my head and held it forward. Maybe the big elephant would catch his eye? It did. :) He was surprised to see WFE paraphernalia so soon. He signed “Rob” and was starting to move on when I remembered that little H2O business card in my pocket with Charlie’s email address.

I scrambled to snatch it out before he moved too far away. Pushing my arm through the masses, I started to shout back at Rob, trying to get his attention again. Call me a leprechaun because I’m lucky. Rob comes back my way but not to take the card. He signs it! I start insisting (ok maybe yelling), “No! It’s for YOU! It’s Charlie!”. Calm, clear, and eloquent was not my approach here.

Rob understood the “it’s for you” part and he took the card. The moment he realized I wasn’t pushing our blog on him and the card held the email address of his long lost love, Charlie Bowman:


I had written the email address on the back and went back to “calm, clear, and eloquent”, “Charlie! He wrote on that blog. For you!” Something like that…

Rob was flabbergasted. Literally. Looked dead at me and asked how I got the email. Don’t you know, Rob? I’m coming though your window so hide your wife, hide your kids. Seriously though, I just shouted again, “On that blog! He commented!”. Eloquent.


So there you have it. Rob gave the card to his bodyguard and looked at me again attempting a conversation but I told him I had to go, my work here is done.

If you’re wondering about where the video is to those screencaps, you won’t find them here. It’s a tad…um…enthusiastic (euphemism for crazy). I don’t want to subject you guys to my “calm, clear, and eloquent” dialogue here. I might post the video on ROBsessed. Those are my people and they’ll comfort me in my embarrassing, fanatical moment. ;)

Happy Rob and Charlie found each other again! The reunion story made the kinkers back flip and shake some tassels. :)

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22 Responses to Reunited and it feels so good: Rob connects with an old friend during WFE Sydney

  1. blackrose26 says:

    That’s so fucking awesome it brings tears to my eyes. You rock!

  2. Laur says:

    I have too say you all all have been so great with WFE and now this too! What a treat too have such a classy blog and fans out there! I have so enjoyed ya all with the great info from the beginning, Maybe another blog for Robs next movie? :)

  3. Whitbysucks says:

    Atta girl Tink!

  4. Shirlee says:

    Wow – that was brilliant of you to get his information to his friend … if I give you MY information, will you give it to him – teehee, only kidding. BTW – where can I find information on how much WFE has grossed worldwide so far – must have made more than the cost to film by now

  5. Bettybmusing says:

    Request granted … lol ….Never, ever underestimate the determined hearts and goals of the Pattinson Ladies when it come to Rob :-) What a beautiful true story:-)

  6. Annie says:

    Maybeee that’s why Nick made sure you got to ask Rob a question. Karma eh?

  7. smittenkitten says:

    Love it Tink…great story, way to go! & those pics…priceless! :)

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  9. dalva says:

    what a great story! Your work here and on other blogs always puts a smile on my face….spreading the love, I guess,you ladies rock,thank u! :)

  10. Adriana says:



  11. Dalva says:

    what a great story!!! your work here and on other blogs always puts a smile on my face, you ladies rock! thank you :)

  12. Dalva says:

    ups, sorry for posting twice..the pics got me confused! ;)

  13. ann says:

    OMG- Tink! That is so awesome- i was almost in tears reading this! Thanks so much for sharing this with us- i am sure Rob was thrilled with the priceless info you gave him! The pics are great too!!!

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  15. SmittenByaBrit says:

    Just NOW seeing this what the face!?! This is amazing Tink! <3

  16. indierockerrr says:

    @tinkrbe1l3 ! This is a bit off topic, but I was also at the Eclipse Premiere :) I think I may have already told you that, but I’m not sure. I have tons of pics…only a few of Rob because the camera died shortly after that. I’ll have to show them to you someday!
    xx Libby

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