BOX OFFICE: Water for Elephants is a domestic and worldwide success!

Water for Elephants has been performing so well! The movie definitely has legs as predicted after the first weekend. Here are some figures plus some observations to suggest a bigger total than currently posted.

Rob: Reese! WFE might surpass $100M worldwide!


$85.2 million! Fantastic but not complete. Check out the foreign totals:

Countries producing bigger totals (Brazil, Russia, UK) are not updated AND Australia is not included.

Water for Elephants was number 1 at the box office in Australia, beating Thor! Sky News (Australia) reported WFE bringing in $2.628M this past weekend. What a fantastic showing down under. :)


$48.9 million! Collecting $400k on Monday, our movie is sure to pass the $50M mark by the end of week! This is so wonderful for WFE. Alt Film Guide noted that the film is the only non-action drama in the top 25 and continues to exceed expectations. After the film opens in all markets and finally bows domestically, it likely will have grossed over $100M. Spectacular. :)


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14 Responses to BOX OFFICE: Water for Elephants is a domestic and worldwide success!

  1. Calihi27 says:

    Woo hoo! Fantastic! So proud of this film, it is truly beautiful!

  2. daniela says:

    Box Office Mojo: at the bottom of the list of foreign numbers there’s a note that explains why the total doesn’t match the countries individual numbers.

    “Note: Overall foreign totals are updated weekly for most currently playing movies.
    The country breakdowns are updated less frequently and do not necessarily add up to the foreign totals.”

    So the 36 million probably include Australia and other countries.

  3. danice says:

    oho se lo merecen ,y mucho mas muy buena pelicula, me gustaria verla una y mil veces . Felicitar a Robert Pattinson, Resse Whiterspoon , Chiris Walz, Tai, excelentes actores .Tambien agrdecer a Sara Gruen por escribir el libro y Francis Lawrence por lograr que se hiciera la pelicula tan perfectamente hermosa.

  4. somanywards says:


  5. Bettybmusing says:

    Whoop Whoop … :-)

  6. Naile80 says:

    woohoo!!! beautiful film!

  7. cattybitchy says:

    tears are in my eyes right now, and i say, THANK YOU LORD, i pray each and every day for rob and kristen, and our world.Oh yes! that’s the way i feel, so happy for rob, God bless him.

  8. Lynne says:

    That’s fantastic news. So pleased for Rob that he’s showing his acting bankability outside the Twilight franchise. It is a spectacular movie (I’ve seen it 6 times – UK). Onward and upward for Rob, hopefully the industry will start to take him a bit more seriously. Thanks for the update.

  9. Linda says:

    BEAUTIFUL movie! I’m so happy for everyone involved!! But especially Rob…

  10. Roblover says:

    Wonderful! I’m so happy for Rob and all the WFE cast and director, and of course, Tai.

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  13. vinciane says:

    great, it does well in Belgium, thanx for the pix, i’m the girl in Blue, on the left :)

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