CHARITY: Robert Pattinson grants the wish of a fan while promoting Water for Elephants in Sydney

While promoting Water for Elephants in Sydney, Australia, Robert Pattinson helped one fan’s dreams come true.

From Starlight Foundation:

In the media lately it has been known that Reese Witherspoon is blown away by co-star Robert Pattinson’s popularity: “I think all I can do is stand back and sort of watch it happen because I’m not used to seeing somebody have so many fans”.  One of these fans is Starlight wish girl, Samantha.

Not only was Friday 6th May Starlight Day it was also a VERY special day for Samantha as she was granted her Starlight wish.  Whilst over 3,000 people turned up to get only a glimpse of the Twilight star, Robert Pattinson, Samantha got to meet him in person. She was the envy of every young fan meeting Robert at his hotel in Sydney.  She also got to go down the red carpet for the movie premiere of ‘Water for Elephants’.

A Starlight wish is like a dream come true for a seriously ill young  child. Sharing a special, once-in-a-lifetime wish brings a family together, and is an experience that stays with them forever. If you want to get involved and make a difference visit to find out how.


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22 Responses to CHARITY: Robert Pattinson grants the wish of a fan while promoting Water for Elephants in Sydney

  1. Bettybmusing says:

    Rob is one of the rare people in our world who has a heart big enough for this world. God- Speed to this family and Rob :-)

  2. Can I be any prouder of this man? I think not. And it was all done quietly. He didn’t do it for facetime. He did it from the heart.

  3. Sachertorte says:

    You know, I was not a Rob fan when I went to NY. But, where I was in the 2nd pen, I was right in front of him when he got out of his SUV. I stood to one side, and watched as he navigated that throng of people, all those women, screaming, clamoring for him, hands shoved everywhere, with patience, grace and not an ounce of resentment or frustration. He took photos, he signed things, he listened to their comments, everything, and did it with no trace of annoyance.

    I was really struck by that. You hear stories of stars who want nothing to do with their fans, and stars who view fans as an intrusion in their lives – which, let’s face it, Rob’s fans can be that way, but faced with 2000+ screaming women, with nothing but a little barrier gate to stop them, he could not have given more of himself to the people, and seemed really happy to do so.

    I can’t speak for his films outside of Water for Elephants, as I don’t know them – but Rob, the celebrity/personality, is truly a great guy.

    • rpattzgirl says:

      Wow, what a wonderful thing to say. This is something his fans have known for a long time, but to hear that from someone else is very moving.
      Thanks for sharing that.

      • Sachertorte says:

        You’re welcome :-)

        I’m just calling it how I see it. There’s a lot of celebrities who could take a page out of Rob’s book on how to be nice to the people who buy tickets.

        And *especially* Rob, who is so much in demand and was pulled in fifty million directions at once, the fact that he took the time there to make everyone’s short encounter something special and memorable… that’s really something that I think everyone in the spotlight needs to know. This is how it’s done – this is how it should be done. I even think he taught my dear CW a thing or two about fan management after New York. ;-)

        After seeing him and the way he acted to his fans, and in WfE, I can honestly say while the Twi. movies don’t appeal to me, I would not hesitate to view anything else he’s in, and look forward to seeing where his career’s going to go.

    • I agree with rpattzgirl. Hearing that from someone who doesn’t necessarily consider themselves a Rob fan is wonderful affirmation. We know Rob is a gentle soul and very appreciative of his fans, but seeing it up close and personal (rpattzgirl and I were both in the wristband holding pen) was amazing.

  4. rpattzgirl says: fuckin sweet is this guy!!!!!
    wonder if he would come see me because I’m old, and won’t live to see him turn 40?

  5. RPattzOwnsMe says:

    Seriously- i really didn’t think i could love him more! He is so genuine and such a special person- gives so much back to his fans! How anyone could ever utter a negative word about him baffles me! Much success to Rob always- b/c no one deserves this more than him!

  6. Linda says:

    What a beautiful story…a lot of actors and actresses think outside their world of reality and actually give to others, I am happy to see that Mr Pattinson is one of those people…

    Hurray for all envolved and thank you for sharing this terrific story…

  7. DANICE says:

    OHO I have no chance to meet Rob in person, but I’m a fan of him since the first film in the series and I’m not at all a teenager, but I like your way of being, is very charismatic, has many virtues, not really I am surprised that people who are not fans of Rob and I come to know, change their minds, and I get excited I’m glad you say it is all the love I have for that is already part of my family., obviously I wish him all the luck the world that it deserves. It is a very good person and an excellent actor.

  8. Ripley says:

    What a guy. He does go out of his way to do special things for his fans. He never is grumpy with all the promotions and appearances he does. He is one in a million, very special.

  9. Roblover says:

    I truly admire this your man.

  10. leahreallyitis says:

    he is amazing!! I am so DAMN proud to be a fan! he is SO sweet to do this my (best) friend had a son who had Cystic Fiboris and he got to see the Oakland Raiders(cheerleaders) from “The Make a Wish” Foundation and he died at twenty one I also remember my friend telling me that she knew a girl(about fifteen) who had a wish to meet Keanu Reeves and she did but this guy was an ASSHOLE

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  13. rinita says:

    i havn’t sn d mvi i m sure dis mvi is also vry dfrnt nd butiful lyk pattinsn’s previous mvis.nd i really really lv hm a lot…

  14. rinita says:

    i realy lvd d rl dat robert played in ‘remember me’.he ws lukng so amazing in dat mvi.

  15. rinita says:

    oh realy i m mad 4 hm.i m a grt fan of hm.n truely i drm abt hm evry night.nd he is a grt man too..oh i wish i was his lvr..

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