Robert Pattinson wins Teen Choice Award for WFE: “It was a great experience”

This show is tortuous. I can’t act like I don’t want to bang my head on a desk during the agonizing 2 hour show. But we support Robert Pattinson and we support Water for Elephants so we gotta do what we gotta do. Looks like the torture was worth it. :)

Rob won Choice Movie Actor in a Drama for his portrayal of Jacob Jankowski in Water for Elephants!

It’s a special win for an actor who is widely known as his Twilight character, Edward Cullen. Check out the beginning of the video below to view Rob’s acceptance speech. He gives Sara Gruen, Francis Lawrence, and Gil Netter a shout out along with a couple others. All those screaming teens can be nerve wracking so it’s a miracle he got the names he did. ;)

*whispers* if you’re like me, you’ll want to cut the video off after the speech. Congrats Rob and the Water for Elephants team! The recognition for the film is much deserved and then some.

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7 Responses to Robert Pattinson wins Teen Choice Award for WFE: “It was a great experience”

  1. somanywards says:

    YAY!!!! Love that he won for Robowski ;)
    such a beautiful role*

    my avi is evolving but I think I may need to change it back to the tuxedopout*

  2. Jen Robinson says:

    I agree that this particular awards show is ridiculously annoying but I also watched the entire two hour broadcast just to see Robert! I’m so happy he won the Choice Actor Drama award for “Water for Elephants!” I loved it and can’t wait for it’s release on DVD so I can watch it again … and again … and again! ;)

  3. RobCatCdn says:

    What you endured Tink all in the name of Rob/the WFE site … now that’s dedication!!! LOL :-)

    I watched the entire show … kinda. I was listenning for Rob’s nomination categories and was chatting online at the same time. Anyways I was SUPER happy that Rob won for WFE! I even said “YESSSSS!” out loud when they announced his name. LOL :-) <3

  4. DEBBIE BISWAS says:

    i love robert pattinson……he is my DARLINGGG!

  5. robert pattinson is so cool , i love him and all his movies .

  6. DANICE says:

    No me gusta ese programa , solo lo vi por Rob Pattinson y me puse muy contenta por que gano ese premio y me encanta todas sus peliculas y esta pelicula ,especialmente,

  7. DANICE says:

    I do not like that program, only saw it for Rob Pattinson and I was very happy because I win this prize and I love all your movies and this film, especially

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