US release date for Water for Elephants DVD

UPDATE: The Official WFE facebook page announces Nov. 1st as the USA release date

You can pre-order now from Amazon (DVD / Blu-ray) or Barnes and Noble (DVD / Blu-ray). Click HERE for links to release dates in other countries.

Looks possible…

It’s still not posted online anywhere…why not, we have no idea. November 1st is not far fetched though. Twilightish received a similar email saying November and Algonquin Books confirmed November with us as well.


Thanks Gossipgyal for reporting back!

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  • betsycricket

    Wonder why so late, all other movies that were out at the same time have already been released. weird.

    • June

      They are releasing it later so that it comes out right before Breaking Dawn releases.

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  • CheapTeraGold

    Thanks Gossipgyal for reporting back!

  • karadee

    You think they’re holding it so the dvd sales give an extra boost for oscar contention?

  • Sara

    The book was awesome! I can’t wait to see the movie!

  • Loo

    my guess for the late release is to align with the release of pattinson’s breaking dawn part 1 release the 19th of november. get all the twitards to buy the dvd to pump up for the latest twilight installment :-) i admit, i’ll probably be one of em but its about time this movie was released! i’ve been waiting patiently!