Available now! Water for Elephants on DVD. We check out the Special Features!

Finally! Today the wait is over… Water for Elephants is now available on DVD and Blu Ray!

It’s been too long since we could see this wonderful movie in the theatre and I’ve been counting the days until I would have my very own DVD to watch whenever I want. I was lucky enough to get an advance copy – I may or may not have scared the delivery man when it arrived ;) – and am so excited to tell you about it.

The version I received has a “postcard” attached to the DVD cover, a gilded image of the same photo used on the cover. A nice little keepsake. Now, yes I was excited to see the movie again but I was also very excited about the special features and went to them first. Even the disc menu is made pretty with vintage-looking animations that take you right to the era of the 1931 circus.

The special features include:

Robert Pattinson and Francis Lawrence on the Water for Elephants set

Exclusive Robert Pattinson Spotlight: A great little ode to Rob! The director, producer and screenwriter, as well as Reese Witherspoon, share why Robert Pattinson was the perfect Jacob Jankowski and what special qualities he brought to the Water for Elephants production. This feature also includes an interview with Robert Pattinson talking about his experience filming and what drew him to the project as well.

Reese Witherspoon as Marlena Rosenbluth

Feature Performer Reese Witherspoon: Mesmerizing! This is a wonderful look at just how dedicated Reese was to the role of Marlena, training and rehearsing extensively so that she could perform the circus acts in the film. Features interviews with both Reese Witherspoon and circus choreographer, Sebastien Stella. There’s a sweet moment where Reese says she wishes there was a ticker at the bottom of the movie telling everyone, “That’s really me!”

The Traveling Show – Page to Screen: This is a fantastic look at the journey from the earliest inspiration for Sara Gruen’s best-selling novel through the production of the big screen adaptation. Interviews with Sara Gruen, director Francis Lawrence and screenwriter Richard LaGravenese detail the process of creating the story, condensing for filming and casting the main characters. There’s lots of behind the scenes information here: cast interviews, set stories and production details.

Audio Commentary with Director Francis Lawrence and Screenwriter Richard LaGravenese: I know, I know… we were all hoping a cast member or two would be doing commentary. I’ll admit, I went into watching the film with commentary with perhaps just a bit of bitterness. ;) However, I found it really insightful and very entertaining (Francis Lawrence likes to swear! Who knew?). There are lots of goodies here, technical stuff and their gut feelings about the characters and story arc, as well as many funny anecdotes about the cast and shooting. If you don’t want to watch the whole movie with commentary, please at least listen to Francis Lawrence’s comments on the love scene. Tee hee.

I’m so happy to rediscover Water for Elephants. It’s a good old-fashioned movie; there’s romance, drama, adventure and it takes you through a huge range of emotions. Robert
Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz give incredible performances plus, it’s a beautiful production; the costumes, the sets, the score… Water for Elephants is a trip back to a pivotal time in America’s history and a timeless story of the power of love and hope.

Happy November 1st! Who’s watching Water for Elephants tonight?

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7 Responses to Available now! Water for Elephants on DVD. We check out the Special Features!

  1. I can say I’m a little happier than you. Here in Brazil, we got the DVD and bluray in August!

  2. gkngc04 says:

    Love, love, love this Movie! Can’t wait till Friday payday!

  3. Roblover says:

    I’ll be watching this wonderful movie tonight! (Doing my happy dance)

  4. SusieMook says:

    I buying mine tonight. I am so pleased that you mentioned a version with a “postcard” as I will shop for that version. Thanks for all your insights Deb!

  5. Madison says:

    Me! I got the triple disc set with Blu Ray from Target. Lucky I did, because the Blu Ray wouldn’t work and I had to resort to watching the regular DVD version. That means I’m missing the special features :(

    Anyone else had the same issue, any suggestions?

  6. mayganma says:

    Just finished watching all the special features. What an amazing movie! I actually convinced my hubby to buy a blueray player just so that I could watch it in the highest definition possible!!!

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