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CREW CORNER: Water for Elephants graphic artist, Karen TenEyck, shares her art and experience

During the filming in Tennessee, we posted some crew pictures of the art department that caught my eye. What caught my eye wasn’t the actual picture but the comments the pictures were getting: Is that super art director, David Crank, … Continue reading

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Water for Elephants choreographer says “Every scene is magical”

The Entertainment Tonight Water for Elephants teaser has us beyond excited! We were also excited to hear Sebastien Stella on twitter talking about his role under the Big Top, training the most spectacular performers on earth, and creating those magical sequences! Yes, I’ve choreographed all the … Continue reading

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SNEAK PEEK: Water For Elephants score & soundtrack

Update on Monday Jan. 31st, from Francis Lawrence: A couple days ago, Stuart M. Thomas, tweeted some pics of the scoring set up for Water For Elephants. Who is Mr. Thomas? From his twitter, @dogtownmusic: Composer, Arranger, sometimes seen co-producing … Continue reading

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CREW CORNER: EXT. Water For Elephants film blog – DAY. CLOSE UP: Richard LaGravenese, Screenwriter

Water for Elephants is generating serious buzz in it’s post-production, pre-promotion phase. In this edition of Crew Corner we’ll focus on the great things we’re hearing about the script and the talented man who adapted Sara Gruen’s best-selling novel.   Richard … Continue reading

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CREW CORNER: James Newton Howard, The Music Man

I saw The Tourist this weekend and enjoyed it despite the negative reviews. One of the things that I noticed in the film was the score. Sometimes a score won’t register while you’re watching a movie. Other times it dominates. … Continue reading

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CREW CORNER: Who is Jacqueline West? Costume goddess extraordinaire!

I know you all are wondering who we need to thank for this and this! and this!!! and this!! and this!!! Her name is Jacqueline West and she is the costume designer on ‘Water For Elephants‘. We all have commented … Continue reading

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