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Over 60 NEW PICS from WFE final day in Los Angeles 7.28: Rob, Christoph, @Hibbits, and more

Check out previous pics of Robowski, the new Coca Cola spokesperson, on set HERE! More goodies in the gallery from WFE’s last day in Los Angeles on July 28th. Thanks again, Angie! You’re WFE pictures have been beautiful. While the … Continue reading

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Untagged and LARGER! The tux that keeps on giving

I really can’t get enough of TuxedoRob and TuxedoChristoph. Well…who am I kidding. It’s really Rob that does me in but I’m going to do a side swoon for Christoph in honor of Sachertorte We’ve seen these but they are … Continue reading

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Augustoph’s Wallpaper Debut!

Thank you myfairytalelife for this beauitful Christoph Waltz wallpaper! Folks on our facebook page were about to riot And check out the CHOO CHOO! Love that detail

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Spotlight on Christoph Waltz: The man who will OWN August

We give alot of attention to Robert Pattinson for many reasons: he’s the star of the movie, he’s a flame to mothy paparazzi, and we love him. However, we have another dashing gentleman who’s getting attention. There was a first look from a set … Continue reading

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*NEW PICS* HELLO AUGUST! Christoph Waltz on set!

FINALLY! Set pics of Christoph Waltz as August The chants worked y’all! What else should we rain dance and chant for? Thanks Sacher for the tip Source

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*NEW PIC* Christoph out & about and heading to the MTV Movie Awards!

Many of you have been asking to see Christoph. So far, all we’ve gotten is one glimpse. We’ve chanted and rain danced to have more pictures of the man bringing August to life. Our friends at Sachertorte und Strudel say … Continue reading

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He’s Alive!!! Christoph Waltz greets the fans and gives ‘em a smile

Kinker Debb put the good vibes out there this morning and TA-DAH!!!! Step right up Ladies & Gentlemen and get a load of AUGUST! The fans, aka H2O set soldiers, were treated to a 5 minute encounter with Christoph Waltz … Continue reading

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