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REVIEW: High praise for Water for Elephants cinematographer, Rodrigo Prieto

Movie Line excerpt from their Water for Elephants review: By Stephanie Zacharek Attempted with less skill and integrity, that delicate balancing act might have made Water for Elephants seem insincere: Is it historically responsible to make such a gorgeous-looking movie … Continue reading

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Beautiful wallpapers from ‘Water For Elephants’ 2nd international trailer

Robert Pattinson talking about Water for Elephants: “It’s a big, beautiful, old fashioned love story.” *fans self* He’s not kidding! MORE wallpapers after the cut…slightly spoilerish

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Director tweets! Water For Elephants is completed!

Francis Lawrence tweeted earlier today: Rodrigo Prieto is the director of photography and Alan Bell is the editor. A little over an hour after that tweet…the moment we all were waiting for: And from the editor of Water For Elephants: … Continue reading

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Director Tweets! Water For Elephants “getting closer” to completion

Francis Lawrence gave Water For Elephants fans another update in the film making process. A refresher in case you don’t know what some of the tweet means: Color: this has to do with giving your film a certain tint. Color … Continue reading

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WFE Extra Experience: Rousty Pat talks Robert Pattinson, Christoph Waltz, @Hibbits, Rosie and MORE!

Patrick Donahue, a core roustabout, had a wonderful experience on the set of Water For Elephants and he graciously shared it with us. Let’s have at it! First, thanks so much for the chance to share the experience!  Very flattering; that meant … Continue reading

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‘Water for Elephants’ Director reveals Cinematographer

Today via twitter, Water for Elephants Director, Francis Lawrence revealed that the Cinematographer for the film would be Oscar Nominated Rodrigo Prieto.  Rodrigo has worked on such notable films as Frida, Babel and Brokeback Mountain. Click here to view Rodrigo … Continue reading

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