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We’ll continue to update this section as the reviews roll in for the film and the trailer.

What do the reviews say? Will they like the show? We know we will :)

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  1. ndnwmn says:

    I am so thrilled about this movie..I was in the theatre the other day, did not expect the trailer for this movie and I about jumped out of my seat when it appeared…Despite the fact that at least 3 of my most favorite actors are appearing in this movie…The filming is exquisite….I was breathless at the seen with Rosie and Reese….I will go to see this movie a million times while it is in the theatre….

  2. Elaine Atwater says:

    I saw the trailer last week and OMG. It actually made my eyes water. I am so excited to see it. It’s one of my all time favorite books. I hope Sara Gruen is happy, too.

  3. Lee Kelly says:

    Please release the RATING, and let it be PG-13…………….

  4. Laura Kersey says:

    Although I don’t really like the casting for this movie I will still go see it about a hundred times because this is my absolute favourite book of all time. Can’t wait till it comes out!

  5. jeannie says:

    Just finished the book and it is now one of my favorite alltime books—absolutely loved it. So then I went online to research the movie and found the trailer….I was delighted! It looks great and I think it is perfectly cast. I will do my part and share my book and generate interest in this much anticipated film.

  6. Linda Klyn Varhol says:

    I just finished the book this morning. I thought it was great. I’m very excited about the movie. I think Reese is a wonderful actress and I’m very much looking forward to Rob Pattinson in a different role. I think this will be great for his career.

  7. Nicky says:

    This is one of my favorite books and I am so pleased to see that the movie will do it justice. The imagery is amazing and Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson were genius casting choices. I am so very excited to see it! And the animals, Tai is very special indeed!

  8. Shelly says:

    I’ve had the book on my kindle for several months and had just never read it. I then saw the trailer and knew I had to read the book. As they say the book is always better than a movie. I just finished the book today and now I am a fan. I am so excited about the movie and so looking forward to it. I know the movie will be great…it has to be Reese is in it and how do you make a bad movie which such an awesome story…….

  9. Lisa says:

    They just ruined the movie with the pg 13 rating. It’s all about Rob’s teeny bopper fans. Do us a favor and don’t cast Rob for these adult movies anymore please. I was so looking forward to this movie with an R rating the way the book was written. Take a look at Kristen, she has no problem with making R rated movies and she’s great.

  10. Jane says:

    the rating of R does not make or break a romanic movie. come on — sometime things left to the
    imagination works, it’s the sensation left with you that counts. did you ever think that reese did not want to do a r rated movie, she has kids!!! Bel Ami is R rated , so if you want to see rob’s ass , go see that in november, and don’t forget he’ll be butt naked in cosmopolis. Is that enough for you???

  11. arlene says:

    i am thrilled that the movie is rated pg 13. from the time i saw the coming attractions i had wanted to see it and now that i know the rating, i will. looking forward to seeing all those good actors together along with the amazing animals.

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