Global Release Dates

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  1. Gabriella Kuszel says:

    nvm my comment… i wasn’t thinking. lol. 11 is 2011
    i feel stupid now lol

  2. Emily-Laura says:

    Hi, is there going to be a premier in London for the film, i really hope so!!! :)

  3. Konstantina Pattinson says:

    Greece 5th May!
    I wish it was earlier! I cannot wait!!! :DDD<3<3<3
    Rob you're an angel!

  4. Jo Etherington says:

    What is the release date for the UK.
    On here it says the 6th May, but my 2 local cinema listings are saying the 4th May, which is what it was originally.

  5. Karolane Thibault says:

    amaaaaazing movie, tears me up sometime. True fact of life, good job Christopher, Robert and Reese.

  6. Mary-ann says:

    Crap!!!! That is why living in China annoys me so much. It doesn’t even have China in that list.

  7. Mery says:

    Here it says tthat the premier in argentina is 28th April when i go and check it out in the argentinian theare’s websites it appears another release date:5th May.

  8. maria says:

    it’s may 6th and the movie hasn’t come in greece yet… What am i supposed to do??? I just can’t wait I love rob sooo much!!!

  9. Valeriya says:

    I am writing you from Ukraine, hope you know where is it)). Today I was planning to go to cinema, and watch a good book screening. But I was very disappointed, when I didn’t find this film on a list. The release date was postponed again to 09 June, and also in comment i have read that we may not seen this film at the cinema. You may know, the piracy in Ukraine is developed very well, I have already seen, this film in a bad quality.
    I hope, you could do anything, because you more intrested in all of this.
    Best regards, ukrainian fan Valeriya Fedorchenko.

  10. Bruce says:

    How come USA doesnt get the movie first we are the one who makes all the damn movies!! We are also the country that every other country wants to be like. We even made this movie and get to see it last. nothing against the people of other countries its not your fault. Besides i love all of you from other countries

  11. janae says:

    Anyone know about the DVD release???

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