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The second international trailer was released March 4, 201. Click the links to read the entire review.

From Entertainment Weekly

Another new trailer for Water for Elephants has hit and the big guns are out: Mainly, a glimpse of at least one forbidden sex scene between veterinarian Robert Pattinson and married, abused circus performer Reese Witherspoon. Watching it, I have to say I’m excited for Pattinson, who gets to show a far wider range of emotions than he does in the Twilight movies or Remember Me. He looks up to the challenge, even if his breathy voice at one point (“You’re a beautiful woman… “) sounds a little Brando to me.

From MTV

Forget the second trailer’s chaste kiss, we have groping, people! Sure, it’s just a quick few frames, but it’s definitely H.O.T.

From MetroWNY

This is the third trailer for WFE so far, and it may have been the best. With Rob doing the narration, and with a couple of sex scenes highlighted, it was definitely a good one.

From Hey U Guys

These trailers do a damn fine job of selling the film to me. There’s definitely something about Christoph Waltz and I’m hoping the film makes the most of the man.

From Gather

This trailer is particularly enjoyable because it showcases a couple of quick love scenes between Robert Pattinson and his costar, Reese Witherspoon!

His performance in this film could put him in place to receive some award nominations, which would be awesome for him

The second, domestic trailer released on and the official Water For Elephants facebook on March 3, 2011. Click the links to read the entire review.

From HollywoodCrush (great review, click link to read more)

I think I’m just going to come out and say it: Best. Second. Trailer. Ever.

There’s nothing more disappointing than looking forward to a new trailer for a highly anticipated release, only for it to be a cleverly re-packaged version of the first with nary a new scene in sight. Well, “Water for Elephants” director Francis Lawrence got it right with this one, because it almost felt like I was watching clips from an entirely different movie (in a totally good way).

From Collider

I really like the look of the production design. Water for Elephants has the potential to be a nice surprise when it opens April 22.

From Entertainment Weekly

I’d like to think whoever cut the new trailer for next month’s Water for Elephants is playing a cruel little game with us: They know some of us will start out drooling over the sight of Robert Pattinson in a suit … and then feel guilty when his character abruptly finds out that his parents have been killed in a car accident. Well done. You got us.

The music is different this time, but still pitch perfect. Hal Holbrook, who was the emotional center of the first trailer as Pattinson’s aged character recalling the story of “the most famous circus disaster of all time,” is absent, but it’s good to know the film packs a punch even without him.

From First Showing

Another Epic New Trailer for Fox’s ‘Water for Elephants’ Adaptation.

I really can’t wait to see this, the way it builds is so epic. This trailer is a little spoilery in showing a lot of the film, but still looks great.

From Movie Crunch

If you wanted to see Water for Elephants before, you’ll really want to see it after watching this new trailer!

From Cinema Blend

In Water for Elephants she’ll play the hottest girl in a traveling circus sideshow, and in this new trailer for the film, I buy it. I wouldn’t buy it if this part were played by Rachel McAdams, or Scarlett Johansson, or just about anyone else except Salma Hayek who can do wonders while wearing facial hair. I buy it when it’s Reese Witherspoon.

I also buy Christoph Waltz as the man behind the circus tent. He’s playing another villain, clearly he’s typecast, but at least he’s really good at playing villains. Did you see Green Hornet? Waltz was better than average there.

From The Huffington Post

A new trailer for the upcoming film, “Water For Elephants,” has hit the web, notching up the steam and teasing viewers even more to the passionate affair between stars Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon. We get a quick preview of love scenes and oh, even learn more about the story.

From Celebrity Mania

This fresh trailer reels in a much darker tone if compared to ones released earlier. Its focus is to give out more of the tension and conflict that come about when the main characters find themselves getting entangled in a love triangle. Though so, it still manages to slip in some romantic moments between Jacob and Marlena.

From Zap 2 It

Trailer 2 marks a big improvement from the first — which was a little too big top and a not enough “epic love” for our tastes.

We’re also a lot more excited for the movie now that we know how well Pattinson got along with his elephant co-star. More elephant!

From The Fab Life

While fans of the book (and RPattz) have been psyched from the beginning, this is where those of us who want more drama, and less three-ring majesty, get on board.

From Movieline

Pattinson makes for a winning-but-tortured protagonist, Witherspoon has a great classic movie goddess (not goddesses, Charlie Sheen) vibe, and Christoph Waltz seems perfectly capable of pulling off the mustache twirling villainy that Water for Elephants needs. Considering how bad this early crop of 2011 movies has been — and how the prospects for March don’t look that much better — isn’t it possible for Elephants to be the best film of 2011*? Here’s hoping…

From Reviews of Electronics

Based on seeing the trailer myself, and having no knowledge of the story from the book or previous trailers, I must admit I am intrigued with the potential of the film, and it does appear that Pattinson, Witherspoon, and Christopher Waltz deliver a magical silver screen rendition that will be a crowd pleaser hands down.   I rarely spend the money on high priced movie tickets and typically wait for movies to come out on video streaming, however, this exceptional trailer has me considering a visit to the theater.

From The Hollywood Gossip

Robert Pattinson leaves Edward Cullen far behind in Water for Elephants.

From Slash Film

This is going to be one gorgeous movie.

Lawrence, who also directed Constantine and I Am Legend, seems to have a knack for creating striking visuals.

Waltz is such a perfect fit for August — he can pull off the combination of charisma and menace like no one else — and Witherspoon is reliably strong. Pattinson is the least tested of the three, but if he does well here, this may be the movie that finally allows his career to move beyond a certain SparkleVamp.

From The Playlist

The film is directed by Francis Lawrence and looks pretty damn beautiful, no doubt assisted by the skills of cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto


I think we may just have the rare well-done literary phenom-to-screen gem situation on our hands.


The trailer, which looks fantastic, sets the stage for a face off between Pattinson and Waltz for Witherspoon’s heart. It’s gorgeously mounted, with a classic “Old Hollywood” feel. The concept of forbidden romance might not be a stretch for Pattinson, coming off of his “Twilight” gig, but this one has moved near the top of our anxious-to-see list.

From Gather

The new Water for Elephants trailer runs close to 2:30 in length but is well worth it, as there’s a variety of great scenes revealed.  Everything from sexy images of Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon embracing, to the madman antics of Waltz’ villainous character, and the chaos of the circus animals can be seen!  This will be quite a departure for Pattinson from Twilight but should be a welcome one and could help strengthen his acting resume even more.

From Babble

Robert Pattinson isn’t just a teen idol any more- he’s evolved into a grown-up hottie! And his chemistry with Reese Witherspoon….wow.

From MetroWNY

Water for Elephants is beginning to look like a break through role for Robert Pattinson. The hype keeps building.

From The Examiner

The new trailer gives audiences the clearest picture yet of what to expect from the movie which also stars Academy Award winners Resse Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz. The buzz has been high on this drama from the start due to its high-profile cast and after seeing the trailer it is clear the studio made the right call with casting the trio.

Rob looks great, the film looks great, we can’t wait for this one to hit cinemas.

Previous reviews from 1st domestic trailer and international trailer

Excerpts of reviews from the first look at the Water For Elephants trailer released December 15, 2010 on Apple Trailer. Click the links to read the entire review.

US Trailer

From Entertainment Weekly

Robert Pattinson looks like a man in the adaptation of Sara Gruen’s best-seller Water for Elephants, acting opposite Oscar winners Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz. The music lures you in, as does the always affecting Hal Holbrook, who plays Pattinson’s aged character recalling the story of “the most famous circus disaster of all time.” The finest compliment you can give a trailer for an adaptation is that it makes you want to read the book. This one does it for me.

From the Washington Post

Featuring grand, hazy-with-nostalgia visuals and shots of Reese Witherspoon looking every inch the old movie star, it’s a feast for the eyes. Of course, a number of people will think said feast is really all about Robert Pattinson, who definitely comes across (appropriately) as less broody and Edward Cullen-ish here.


If we can’t believe in Reese Witherspoon and elephants, what can we believe in? And after listening to the Twilight commentary with Pattinson (yeah, yeah, shut up) that dude has a good head on his shoulder. I think this will be a worthy adaptation.

From Moviefone

Between the ‘Twilight’ ties and acting talent, one would imagine a pretty spectacular trailer sucking in a whole range of potential fans. Instead, the first trailer for ‘Water for Elephants’ manages to show a bunch of the film without showing very much at all of their three leads. It’s a bit of a surprising route to take for a new film. It’s a full trailer showing more than a teaser ever would, yet the only actor to get much of a chance to shine in the scenes captured is the great Hal Holbrook, who plays the older version of Pattinson’s character.

From New York Magazine

This will be the movie that attempts to make elephants sexy.

From People

Forget Bella! Robert Pattinson woos Reese Witherspoon in the new trailer for the film adaptation of Sara Gruen’s bestselling novel Water for Elephants.

From HitFix

The trailer for the screen adaptation of “Water for Elephants” is out, and the proportions of drama are, well, huge.

From MTV

The trailer for “Water for Elephants” has stampeded its way onto the Internet, giving movie fans a beautifully shot look at the adaptation of Sara Gruen’s bestselling novel and its beautiful stars, Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson.

From Eonline

Water for Elephants is awash in period detail, close-ups of Rob’s pretty eyes and Reese’s angelic skin, Big Top razzle-dazzle and, unavoidably, plenty of elephant dung.

From Marie Claire UK

Cue some dramatic sequences, beautifully set scenes, and some serious smouldering on the part of Robert Pattinson. Phew!

From Los Angeles Times

One definite bright spot in the trailer? Hal Holbrook, who plays an older version of Pattinson’s character. We loved the 85-year-old’s performance in “Into the Wild” a few years ago, and it seems his presence here will add weight to the film beyond the romance at its center.

From Daily Mail UK

Reese is glamorous as Marlena with 1930s pin curls and a dazzling array of stage costumes.

From Los Angeles Times (book blog)

Though there’s nothing wrong with watching it on a computer, it looks really fantastic projected in a movie theater (at least it did at the ArcLight, where I saw it this past weekend).


So far, Water for Elephants seems like a cinema circus worth buying a ticket to see.

From The Stir

Water for Elephants has all of the makings of an awesome film: An attractive Reese Witherspoon, a dashingly handsome Robert Pattinson, and an intriguing plot that leaves me wanting more.

From Screen Rant

If Pattinson’s involvement makes all you Twilight haters want to head for the doors, I highly recommend you at least check out the first trailer for Water for Elephants.

International Trailer

From Screen Rant ~ International Trailer

The combination of LaGravenese’s penchant for adapting melodramatic literature and Lawrence’s brand of visual flair looks to have yielded some nice results, judging by this new theatrical preview.

From MTV ~ International Trailer

Is it just me or did anyone else get chills when that little girl gasps at the 1:22 mark after Marlena shows off a magnificent horse trick? This is definitely a film we’re looking forward to.

From The Film Stage ~International Trailer

I can’t wait to see this if only for the great experience it should deliver in a theater, as hinted at by the wonderful shots and use of color on display.

From Cinema Blend ~International Trailer

This international trailer doesn’t show off too much new stuff, but it does expand on the beautiful cinematography we’ve seen accompanying this movie thus far.

From First Showing ~ International Trailer

We featured the official US trailer for this back in December but I’m happy to feature more because it looks phenomenal, one of my most anticipated in spring.

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  1. DebbieCDC says:

    Well it’s nice to see some reviewers got it right, particularly Entertainment Weekly

  2. Isabel says:

    I love it, I’ve watched the trailer maybe 20 times! I just can’t wait to see this movie and to see Rob! I’ve read the book and I think Rob’s the perfect Jacob Jankowski!

  3. tinkrbe1l3 says:

    I love the review LOL Reese and elephants will feed your soul. And he’s spot on about that Eclipse commentary :)

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    I likeeeeeeeeeee so much
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    Love RobP

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    OMG the trailer is absolutely amazing. Cant wait to see it! Rob is at his best yet again!!! :)

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    It was A-MAZ-ING!! Simply stunning! :)
    I can’t wait too see it…
    Rob looks yummy… ;D

  8. Sylvia says:

    I LOVED the trailer, realy amazing. I can’t wait to see the movie so it can be better released in my country Belgium. These are all great actors, oh and the way Rob caress Rosies trunk, how nice. I’ve seen the trailer many times, I lost counting. Nice work xxx

  9. Denise says:

    The trailer was everything I had hoped it would be. Hal Holbrook in the beginning and his voice over as you see the younger Jacob first seeing the circus train draws you in; I bet even if you have never read the book this trailer will intrigue you to want to know more. The cinematography, music, costumes, set, and of course the actors are all breathtaking. I guess we will just have to patient and wait along with Sara Gruen to see the finished movie…. I’m counting down the days.

  10. durtyrob4ever says:

    This movie is going to be A-MAZING!!! If the trailer got everyone in such a tizzy, can we imagine what the entire movie is going to do to us? I can not wait to see Rob in this movie!! I thought he was so hot in Remember Me but he is unbelievably sexy in this! April 15th is TOO damn long to wait for this…

  11. elena says:

    When are you putting the count down of days up? Am I the only one who’s gone to the calender to figure out how many days until this is released? Thanks for your beautiful coverage here.

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  12. Jazz says:

    It was beyond amazing! I expected something like the circus in Big Fish, but instead we got something even better. Everyone looks perfect for their role, and apart from Rob not getting much talking time, I think that was one of the best trailers…ever!

  13. kirstin says:

    The trailer was amazing! Makes me want to read the book again.

  14. rpattzgirl says:

    Amazing reviews!!!!! Cannot wait!!!

    • Lydia says:

      The trailer looks beautiful! I’m so excited to see this movie, particularly because of Christoph Waltz- the part of August is tailor-made for him, and he’s such a spectacular actor. Can’t wait!

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    I cannot stop watching it. I’ve never seen Rob look so good. The story is amazing, the actors look perfect and the movie looks spectacular! So so excited to see this movie.

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