Official Stills

All photos are HQ or UHQ stills and behind the scenes images from Water for Elephants. Click the thumbnails to view.

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  10. Renee Holme says:

    I’m absolutely in love w/ the Paint Quarter Horse used in this film. Where does he reside? I would love to see him in person!

    Thank you,

  11. Ben says:

    Thanks for this.

  12. Jane says:

    I am so anxious to see this film. There hasn’t been anything like this movie in a long time. Should be spectacular, especially with Rob Pattinson in it.

  13. My congratulations to the Kinkers! You were great on the red carpet…your enthusiasm is infectious. I’m now a Rob fan too and a fan of the Kinkers….thanks for calling me Kinker Gary, quite possibly the only male kinker? You know that is quite a compliment in the circus world, to be called a kinker or “with it and for it” as we say…

  14. Joyce/Cranston RI says:

    I think the movie was amazing. Rosie should get an Oscar. She was so sweet and you couldn’t help falling in love with her.

  15. Gavin says:

    The best Movie i have ever seen!!!!!!

  16. steph ruther says:

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    train circus. This is where the special effects and costuming budget

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