Que sera, sera: Kinker Tink’s Excellent Adventure

“Are you, Tink?”

I whipped around to see a pleasant man walk towards me while two others held back.

“Yeah! I’m Tink!” “Nice to meet you…I’m Andrew Tennenbaum.” *cue the hand shake while Tink’s permanent grin takes shape*

Who is Andrew Tennenbaum? He is one of the ‘Water For Elephants‘ producers who came out to greet me and make my day, week, month…infinite space of time. But I’m getting ahead of myself. If you know anything about me, its that I can’t cut corners on my storytelling. The uncut and rockin’ excellent set soldier adventure after the happy happy joy joy pic below.

Me and the homies...oh ya know...just Francis' assistant, Janette, WFE producers Gil Netter (left) and Andrew Tennenbaum (right)...and one VERY happy kinker

Let’s go back a bit. I’ve had a desire to meet the behind-the-scenes folks of WFE for awhile. That desire stems from that fact that we are so involved with this film, you tend to want to meet the people that are creating, in your mind, excellence. You want to meet them and find some eloquent way to say “thank you”.

I haven’t been fortunate enough to be a true set soldier. My everyday responsibilities keep me from the intense soldiering done by WFE fans. The couple times I did make it to set I felt it would be impossible to meet a Francis or a Rodrigo or a Gil, etc etc. They don’t think people are really there for them. And in truth…we aren’t. See, WFE happens to have quite a popular guy as the lead character. He’s a bit of a draw. But I’ve been very blessed in the category of “Meet Robert Pattinson” and know I could have other opportunities to say, “You’re the best human to ever exist!”…er…I mean, “I really admire your work and support your career 110%.” I couldn’t, however, have other opportunities to tell the creative forces behind the lens, “You’re the best human to ever exist!”

A long vacation kept me from pursuing my goal and when I returned to LA, undisclosed locations got disclosed too late for me. WFE filming in LA was coming to an end…we knew it. From extras to tippers to Francis Lawrence himself…the train was pulling into the station and shutting down. I started to obsess over WFE freebies that I kept hearing folks were getting when they’d visit the last remaining sets. I wanted it too. I thought if I can get a tee shirt or a poster or whatever, I would meet one of those creative behind-the-scenes people.

I decided I was going crazy (crazier) and needed to let this go. It’s just not meant to be. Until Francis tweeted this:

Last day in Los Angeles… Nearing the end.

I lost hold of my already flimsy control and was determined to go to the set with my Team Rosie shirt, send out my good vibes, and await the arrival of my WFE freebie on a silver platter delivered by the entire cast and crew *delusional yet motivational*.

Oh but wait…I couldn’t go anywhere for hours. Those pesky, daily, responsibilities were in my way. So the clock ran down and my set soldier mojo diminished. Until a tip came in. I had one hour and I was finally free for the day. I busted a move to where I thought I needed to be and canceled my plans with my mother. It’s a good thing she’s use to my passionate nature. When I was talking to her, she asked why I was going crazy over a tee shirt or whatever. Wasn’t I writing on WFE with no expectations? I told her she was right but I had this feeling that I needed to pursue this.

I told her I’d ask her to wish me luck but if it’s meant to be, it will be….que sera, sera. She said encouragingly, “Exactly.”

Off I go to what I thought was the location and circling I go feeling crazier by the minute. I couldn’t find anyone, I couldn’t see anything and my tipper was MIA. Close to calling it a wrap on my failed attempt, I get word of the correct location. While I thought I needed to hang out in the back yard, I really was supposed to be in Timbuktu! Heading to Timbuktu in rush hour traffic really means I was trying to go to outer Mongolia via the 405 freeway. The clock showed I was well beyond the hour time frame I was given. Again, I accepted defeat and thought I’d pop into happy hour with my best friend.

Until Kinker Debb asked me this:

Will you regret going if you get there and they’re wrapping up? Or will you just be glad you went?

*cue the Jeopardy music* I should have known all along what I’d decide…

  • Step one: cancel more plans. no happy hour for tink. thank god the bff accepts my passionate nature
  • Step two: pull up Google maps
  • Step three: groan at the horror that IS the 405 freeway at 6pm
  • Step four: smile at your full gas tank
  • Step five: floor it

During my lengthy drive to outer Mongolia, I got to thinking about what I would do if any opportunities arise. I don’t have the best reputation of coherency around those I admire. I either freeze on the spot or default systems kick into gear and save me from utter embarrassment. It’s a 50/50 thing. Not reliable. I wasn’t suppose to tell anyone what I was doing or where I was going but I knew I could NOT be alone otherwise there was a 50% chance I’d turn into a marble statue.

Luckily, my partner in crime, Cynthia, was on the way. I figured if she was home and ready to go, it was meant to be. Guess what! It was meant to be. She hopped in the unstoppable vehicle and we screeched back onto the highway. I make it to the set location and wouldn’t ya know! They are nowhere near wrapping things up :)

At this point, I have no plan. I don’t know if I should pick door #1 (hang with the set soldiers at an entrance) or pick door #2 (try and catch a glimpse of that guy who plays Jacob). You know what door I picked ;)

Time clicks away, Cyn and I gossip about WFE gossip, we drool over sneak peeks of the pictures from the day, and eventually the sun sets. As I swat away one more mosquito, a stage door opens and a wet Rob walks through it. Oh my. Little did I know that spying wet Rob would be an important player in this excellent adventure.

Wet Rob evaporates and so do we. Hitting up the local dining, we make a stop to grab a bite. Meanwhile, I’m texting Kinker Jen because come on…I just saw Wet Rob. But honestly…if you trace my tweets, you’ll see my fingers were zipped. I wasn’t trying to cause chaos or anything. Rogue Reporter Tink was truly rogue and I thought it best to keep that to myself. But ya gotta love Kinker Jen…she texts me:

You want me to tweet that you are rogue right now for the final night of filming?

This is critical. My response triggered a chain of events that turned my adventure into excellence. Now normally, I would have replied:

Jen! You’re crazy…people can’t handle this knowledge. I’ll be attacked! Hibbits will hate us!

But…I went against the grain and replied:

I’ll leave it to u ;) I saw him wet. I’m on a cloud.


Sure I tossed off the responsibility. I knew what Kinker Jen would do. But she’s got a great gut instinct that I’ve learned to trust. I left her to her tweeting ways and went to take a break. While hacking up a lung in the bathroom (I’ve been sick for weeks), I didn’t notice my cell phone vibrating, indicating incoming texts. I go back out to my table to eat and whip out my phone to check the texts…they were twitter notifications…notifications that went a little something like this:

H20forElephants: Kinker Tink is a rogue tonight at the last day of LA filming of#WFE. And she has spied one WET Robowski.

Hibbits: @H2OforElephants shooting Jacob on the roof of the train right now… In the rain and with a knife. Last scene before we wrap in LA.

*Kinker Tink rubbed her eyes and read her cell phone again* Next a text from Kinker Jen who was manning the twitter:

I tweeted wet robowski and hobbits repliedd!!!!!

Yes that’s what she typed and yes I understood. I turned into a complete spazz. I was so tickled (understatement) that Francis Lawrence chimed into our utter nonsense about Rob and moisture. I no longer can eat. The excitement has stolen my will to nourish. We ditch that scene and head back to the set. Meanwhile, Kinker Jen is busy on the twitter but sends this key tweet that essentially sealed the deal in my eyes:

H2OforElephants: @Hibbits sounds super exciting! Our Kinker Tink is somewhere nearby texting updates to our #WFE blog HQ. She’s desperate for a Benzini tee!

Jeez…desperate? I’m rogue. I’m desperate….I might as well be pathetic and drive my butt home but I’m not going to do that. What I am going to do is check this incoming text from Kinker Jen:

Hibbits is looking for you!!!!!!

Text messaging ceases. *dialing Kinker Jen* “Hello?” Kinker Tink: “What the f**k!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!!!!!”

So vulgar right? But what would you say in this situation? “Oh really? That’s nice.” I wasn’t on twitter at all…just the occasional “dying” tweet. I missed this whole exchange with Janette, Francis’ super fabulous assistant:

MissStep: @H2OforElephants we have something for kinker tink. Just need to know how to identify her.

H2OforElephants: @MissStep She’s a cute short lil mixed lady! she’s wearing a Team Rosie tee shirt and she’s heading over to the entrance to park :)))

And a Direct Message I just might frame:

MissStep: We have a present from francis and the producers for kinker tink. Can you tell me how to identify her?

I was a maniac. I’m always kind of fast on the road but this…this was frantic. Kinker Jen is on the phone with me while she’s tweeting Janette. I think I drove in circles for a minute, shouting, “WHERE DO I GO!!!” repetitively but I got myself in check (barely) and drove to the set entrance. I park the car, still on the phone with Jen, trying to communicate how she can tell Janette where I am when I hear:

“Are you, Tink?”

I whipped around to see a pleasant man walk towards me while two others held back.

“Yeah! I’m Tink!” “Nice to meet you…I’m Andrew Tennenbaum.” *cue the hand shake while Tink’s permanent grin takes shape* The other two people head over towards us. Introductions (with real names) are made and I meet Gil Netter, another WFE producer, and Janette, Francis’ super assistant, carrying some pretty spiffy Benzini shirts. Now I’m not going to be able to recap this perfectly. After introductions, I started to float far far away and it was only my friend, Cyn, who kept me close enough to earth to carry on a conversation. We chatted for about 10 minutes and it was really a battle of who is the most appreciative. A general idea of what I mean:

Tink: Thank you SO much

Andrew: No thank YOU guys. It’s amazing how supportive you are.

Tink: No YOU guys are amazing.

Gil: We can’t thank you enough for all you do.

Tink: I appreciate everything you guys are doing with this movie.

Janette: Yeah thank you for just everything. Francis is so grateful. We’re grateful. Every fiber in every person at WFE is grateful.

Tink: I’m gratuitously filled with gratitude for YOU!

Andrew: Did we say how thankful we are? Because we are.

Seriously guys…it was that kind of thankful love fest. We did have some more to say to one another. Here are the highlights…once we got over the thank you’s (never happened):

  • Above all, Francis appreciates the support from EVERYONE out there. He is thankful.
  • I gave them a Team Rosie button and they said Francis would love it and he had to be the one who gets it.
  • Francis didn’t want to use CGI. Wanted to show the animals…the exotic creatures we all love :)
  • Filming WFE has been an amazing adventure. They shared that it felt like how movies were made in the old days.
  • At the Piru set, Gil and Andrew would sit in the bleachers and eat popcorn…forgetting they were working :) They felt like kids going to the circus everyday.
  • Rosie will blow us all away. They said she was amazing (I need a new word here but I think we said amazing as much as we said thank you). Rosie is also the most missed cast member. We can vouch for that just from the extras who tweet.
  • I told them how much enthusiasm is surrounding this movie already. I shared how many readers we have, followers on twitter, and the inquiries we get daily about the movie. I told them the fans are so engaged and will make this movie a huge success. They said “from your lips to God’s ears.” It was funny…we all live in a bubble of pure WFE excitement. It being anything but a massive success feels impossible in my mind. So when I heard their hesitance to squee at their future success, it only egged me on more and I insisted the WFE fans would support this film to enormous levels. Did I put us out there too much, guys? I don’t think so ;)
  • They said they love everything we’re doing on the site (this was such needed praise, you have no idea) and appreciated us getting the word out there. Some more thank you’s sprinkled into this part. I said I know we don’t have official pictures but from what we’ve seen it all looks (say it with me) amazing. They said the details in the film are incredible and they are sad it is ending. As are we :(
  • Became servants to Andrew and Gil. Told them to email us if there is ever anything they have a problem with. Gave them and Janette our card and got into a discussion about the graphic. I told them I had my roommate from college design it for us so we had an identity. They asked where I went to college. CSULB. I shared I teach there now and of course they ask what subject. I blush and say, “Don’t judge what you’re seeing right now but public speaking, my masters is in communications.” They laughed because while I could carry on a conversation, I was talking rapidly and my pitch was higher than normal.
  • I met the executive producer, Kevin Halloran, who came over for a moment with an elephant shirt on. We laughed at having matching tees and Gil noted he was left out in his University of Mississippi shirt. I added this info because I got a kick out of the fact I was having small talk with these superfab people.
  • Oh yeah…the tee shirt I was so desperately seeking…it kind of faded into the background once I started talking to everyone. The shirt was made by the WFE stand-by painter, Lee Ross. It is my precious souvenir from a most memorable day.
  • We all took a picture together. I looked a hot mess but a picture was a must. Janette tried to step out of it which is crazy and I’m glad the producers insisted she get in the picture. I love it more than I probably should love a picture but I’m use to this reaction being a Rob fan and all.
  • They thank ALL the WFE fans. ALL. No this wasn’t a typo…it was another thank you being emphasized as we went our separate ways.

I don’t think I had the grace left to wait until they were out of earshot to start spazzing with glee. The moment was beyond surreal. All the little pieces that came together to make this happen for me started playing in my mind. I felt overwhelmed. I remembered telling my mother, “if it was meant to be, it will be”…que sera, sera. It was meant to be.

I thanked Francis on twitter:

THANK YOU….so much…u have no idea :))))) ~tink

And he responded again

no problem. Thanks for the support.

I’m going to follow this man to the ends of the earth, aren’t I? Blogs for every movie he does because he’s “the best human to ever exist”. LOL

I have never had such an experience like this. I’ve always loved movies and for a long time, wanted to be involved in the industry. Writing on this blog has been in a way, a dream realized and having this encounter filled my heart.

Some of you just might be wondering how I went this whole post without discussing whether I met Rob or not. I didn’t. I missed him by a nose when he was finishing up autographs and pictures with fans. Two cars passing in the night. I was bummed but I reminded myself that I have been very blessed. Rob isn’t going anywhere but ‘Water For Elephants‘ is and que sera, sera…OBVIOUSLY I wasn’t supposed to meet him. Adding THAT factor into my night surely would have done me in for good. Instead of writing you this novel, the kinkers would have been writing my eulogy.

I have to say how much I love my kinkers, Jen, JAG, and Debb. They really hung in there with me when I was all emo earlier in the day. I thank Debb for her question to me, JAG for her just “knowing” it’ll all work out, and for Jen tweeting my rogueness which lead to EPICness. Thank you Angie for “drive as fast as you can”, a direct order that I needed, and Cyn for keeping me in this universe pre, post, and during.

Thank you’s might seem odd but second to extreme joy, extreme gratitude towards so many overwhelmed me. Again, Francis, Andrew, Gil, and Janette…you have no idea…the words seem small in comparison to how meaningful you made the evening for me. The permanent grin has yet to leave my face. It was meant to be. :)

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63 Responses to Que sera, sera: Kinker Tink’s Excellent Adventure

  1. Cyn says:

    *does happy dance with Tink* I LOVE this! Tink, you know I love you and will be there to act as your asst and help any way I can! ;) LOL and thank YOU! Again, like I told you it was fate, even if we missed Rob, we got an experience no others will! Eeekkkkkkkkk! :)

    • Alison4828 says:

      I love you 2 bitches hard! I’m so glad it was both of you that got that experience!!! It was a once in a lifetime get…there will be more opportunity to see Rob around, but to have happen what happened on the last day of filming in LA for WFE…that is priceless!!!

      It is amazing how they appreciative they are of the fans, and you can tell they truly mean it. Unlike Summit who I feel use the fans like puppets *coughEclipsePremierecough*.

      Thanks for sharing your experience Tink and Cyn!!!! xoxo

  2. rpattzgirl says:

    Great story Tink, and how freaking exciting is that??????? Wow, you really did it!!!

  3. naturaladdict says:

    Wow Tink! What an absolutely amazing experience! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

  4. Annie says:

    This is so great! I’m so happy for all you H2O kinkers.

  5. Sue says:

    OMG laughing myself silly!!! That was “AMAZING” !! (*GIGGLES*)

  6. MAIARA says:

    “que sera, sera” i squee a little when i read this because i’m brazilian =)

    And OMG what a awesome experience, Tink, so nice to know everyone is so cool, the producers, Hibbits and all, i’m so glad for you!! And you even got a glimpsy of Wet Robkowski!!
    Thanks Tink, Jen, JAG, and Debb for this great site!! Cant wait for the movie!!!

  7. Oh, Tink, what an amazing adventure. So jealous and so happy for you at the same time. Thanks for sharing and thanks to your partners in crime for helping make it all possible.

    Just looking at pictures of Rob on set take my breath away. Seeing him in person on set? No words.


  8. Lydia says:

    So cool! It’s good to see good things happen to good people.

  9. Carol says:

    Great story. I’m glad you didn’t give up. Thanks for everything.

  10. Carol says:

    Great great story. So glad for you and for us that you didn’t give up. More thanks to all of you.

  11. girl power says:

    OMFG! What an “amazing” experience Tink! While I was reading, I was getting so anxious for you, then I was smiling like a crazy person, then I teared up a bit!
    It was great to hear that your homies *giggle* have an appreciation for this wonderful blog.
    It truly was to be!

    PS: tink is pretty

  12. Kara says:

    What a great story! Thank you for all your time and the wonderful pics and updates, and everything WFE. I loved this book, I think Rob is an amazing actor and seeing bits of the movie unfold was just a pleasure every day. I think I can speak for all the fans of this book, and Rob, and now, Hibbits the Great, and say Thank You from the bottom of our hearts!!

  13. Kimc333 says:

    To say I’m happy for you doesn’t even begin to describe it! CONGRATULATIONS Big Time! You guys all are such devoted fans & work so hard & totally deserve something as epic as this! Good thing Cyn was right there w/ u Tink or you might have exploded!

  14. Shawna says:

    so great…thank you for sharing :D

  15. Wiltshire Glo says:

    Tink, I follow you all on Twitter – I’ve never tweeted… Just a shy girl from the UK!! But I feel like all of you have made this come to life for me too.
    LOVE your sense of humour, enthusiasm and sheer joy! I’m so so pleased for you and so thrilled that someone who’s spreading the message in a positive way got some reward. If I ever get to the USA I am so looking you up!
    Much love and huge hugs of joy for you! Xxxx

  16. Twilusted says:

    OMGah Tink and Cyn, you girls are fated! I can only dream of being there with you instead of being an hour’s drive away from you, stuck at work. Love that you were able to meet the BTS guys of WFE. Fated!

  17. Ali says:

    WOW! That was EPIC!!! So happy for you Tink! Didn’t know it was possible for me to be even MORE excited to see this book come to film!

  18. deb24601 says:

    I think this calls for the Rosie-shaped confetti!!! *toss* I’m so glad you got a big pay-off for all your diligence and hard work. You so deserve it! MWAH!!!!

  19. mariarp says:

    What an amazing moment! This isn’t even just about Rob anymore; I feel inlove with Rosie/Tai and the other amazing actors and crew as well. EPIC WIN this is.

  20. Alexandria says:

    You deserve that special show of affection and grattitude from them. You kept us posted about so many interesting facts, stories, pics, and little secrets from WFE, that the whole world is now expecting the movie with anxiety and great expectations. You were great to us, too. Every morning was made special with the information and specially, with all those wonderful photos of Rob, our forever beloved. I will miss you dearly. Alex

  21. bledsoephoto says:

    You sooo deserve that after all you’ve done! WOO HOO!! Congrats, girl!
    Hope I have a similar experience this weekend in Chattanooga.

  22. Alexandria says:

    This is lunch now, and I FINALLY could stop working and started reading your story…AMAZING!!!! Soo exciting, and meeting those nice and down to earth people that care about what you are doing. It was hilarious all that running around to find the proper location and finally the right door. Your big prize for all this months of standing in the cold and little sleep. You got to see “wet Rob”, but meeting all the others and how “they made it happen” was as great too. This was an awesome experience, perfect for such a dedicated Kinker as you!!!

  23. LesleyP says:

    Loved your last post – loved the site from the beginning – loved the fact that we were getting good information and wonderful pictures (refuse to go to the “rags” to see photos of a sad, mad Rob) and will be really sorry to see it end. Would love to visit the filming in GA (live 4 hours away) but don’t have the nerve! (would hate to be part of the pap situation ) You thoroughly deserved all the comments they gave the WFE site – I hope you will consider doing this again for our favourite guy’s next film!

  24. Tami says:

    I was there last night and we saw you meet them. I noticed you girls driving around like crazy beforehand and had no idea what in the world you were doing. It all makes sense now. We got a peak of Rob coming out of the restroom, but that was as close as we got. My 5 year old little girl really wanted to meet him and ended up sleeping in the car while we waited for hours, but we seemed to have just missed him. I’ll take a lesson from you and say that “it wasn’t meant to be”…this time. At least I’ve met him before. Congrats to you girls!! I’ve been reading your blog from the beginning and I really love all the info!

    • tinkrbe1l3 says:

      LMAO i WAS driving around like a loon. and i know it kinda bums u out that u didnt get to meet him…even if u already have. thats just like me. i missed him too…i was still too excited to think straight about rob meeting strategy LOL…but yes…que sera sera ;)

  25. Sandy says:

    Tink, I cannot express my sincere gratitude to you and the others for all you have done to keep us fans in the loop! I began reading your blogs last spring at school while my students were out of the room! I teach second grade and I would bring the book WFE to read during my lunch break. Some of my fellow teachers would see the book on my desk and ask about it. I told them that Rob Pattinson was making a movie about it and they all knew how crazy I was for him! When I got home from school, I would check to see if you had posted anything new about the movie. I must say that this was my highlight of the day because everyone knows how antsy kids get when they are ready for summer vacation! I am a Twi-Mom and a Robcat, and my grown daughter think I must be going through a midlife crisis about Robert Pattinson! This movie is more than just Rob Pattinson though. The book is more than a love story. It’s about all the hardships a person can go through and come out OK. It’s about longing for a time that was more simpler than society is today. It’s about the excitement you feel when the circus comes to town and you get to see the talented performers and all of the amazing animals and how you always wanted to run away and join the circus. It’s about your dreams being put off because things don’t always go your way but never giving up on them. It’s about how good people triumph and how everything that goes around, comes around. It’s about realizing how important your loved ones are, and never forgetting about them, whether they are alive or dead.
    For all of the time and sweat you have put into this Tink, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I can’t wait for the movie!!

  26. halfmyself says:

    Kaci, you (and Cyn) had an AWESOME night…and I love your long storytelling…makes me feel like I was there!

    WAY TO GO!!!!

  27. Sandy says:

    @17foreverLisa, thanks for the compliment. I totally agree that this movie is going to be something special too. While I truly love the Twilight saga movies, this movie has a lot more depth to it and will be appreciated(I hope) by more people who don’t know what an amazing and truly talented actor Rob Pattinson is.

  28. Dee says:

    Tink…what a great adventure! This has been an amazing blog from the very beginning and because of you and the other kinkers the WFE filming has become a part of our lives. You are very good at what you do and deserve to have recognition from the production team.

  29. me says:

    Congrats, Tink! Great job on your telling of the events and for expressing for all of us how much we look forward to the film. May I ask where this took place, are you allowed to reveal yet where they were shooting the final day/s? I’m also an aspiring producer and was able to make it to Piru a few times but was always behind on knowing where they were here in LA. Thanks to you girls for creating and maintaining this blog, you’re reaching an audience far and wide in a very creative, supportive, and professional manner.

    • tinkrbe1l3 says:

      i can reveal now. it was in Valencia. it wasn’t far from the Piru set. i realized the exit i took was the same one to get to the Piru set. they rented a large engineering hanger out there to use as a sound stage.

  30. Pfluffy says:

    It was so wonderful that you got to meet some of the people who are bringing this beloved book to life. Yes, it did appear to be a “Thank You” fest, but how fun is that! Everyone involved whether you are just a fan following along or member of the cast or crew seems to be so thankful to be part of this movie. I hope to see Francis wearing his “Team Rosie” button; maybe during the premier! Thanks so much Tink for sharing you epic encounter with all of us.

  31. jackie33cullen says:

    Tink! Thank you for sharing your AMAZING experience. I truly enjoy living vicariously through you. I recognized you at Hotel Cafe once and regret not introducing myself to you. I will next time I spot you:) Again, many thanks to you and all Kinkers for this blog, I cannot wait for WFE film. It’s gonna be (all together now…{giggles}) AMAZING!

  32. Jay says:

    Hey Tink (and Cynthia!) was fun meeting you last night. Was kind of a funny day all together and that was almost the topper, you know who was the absolute topper, hee.

    When they came out to find you and asked if you were one of us, we resisted (barely)temptation to lay claim to your fame, ha! Glad you made it back around!

    Tami, if we’d had the chance to get your # we would have called you to come wait with us for the photo op! My daughter is over the moon, as late as we ended up getting home she’s still so happy and chipper today! (I’m thinking I can leverage some extra chores from her out of this successful conclusion to my over and above taxi duty!)

    Tink, going to email you later.

  33. Mitts402002 says:

    Good for you Tink! I am so happy for you. I have been fortunate enough to meet you on a couple of occasions, you probably don’t remember but 2nd day of WFE shooting in Fillmore and Twi-Con. I am so glad you had a dream realized.
    I love this blog and the tweets that kept us informed of what was happening in the film process. I am so sad to see it end here in LA but I look forward to the release in . . .Dec? Feb?
    In response to what you mentioned above:
    ‘So when I heard their hesitance to squee at their future success, it only egged me on more and I insisted the WFE fans would support this film to enormous levels. Did I put us out there too much, guys? I don’t think so’ You are right on the money. I have been spreading the word about the book for the last couple of months and have engaged my friends into excitement over the movie. Some of them do not appreciate Rob as much as I do (I am Robcat, hear me roar. LOL) but they are loving the story of WFE. You know we will not just see it once. As someone mentioned above, I love Twilight but this movie will really give Rob the ability to show his range and depth. All that being said, Rob brought me to the story of WFE but thru the blog and their shared experiences, I have gotten to know about so many other folks working on the film. Of course, there is Rosie/Tai, she is amazing from what I have seen and now with what the producers say, I am even more excited to see all this come to life on the screen. I can’t wait to experience it all.
    Thanks Tink and all the Kinkers for keeping us in the WFE bubble, it has been great and shall all meet at the premiere red carpet? If it meant to be. . .

    • You bring up a very good point in that a lot of us are talking about the book being made into a movie. In all honesty, had it not been for Rob, I would not have read the book in the first place. But since then, I have gotten my parents, my in-laws, my daughter, my son’s girlfriend, etc., etc., to read the book. All of them loved it and are looking forward to the movie. My dad is a big Hal Holbrook fan. This movie will cross generations. And let’s not forget that it was a best-selling book before Rob ever attached his name to it. Reese has her own set of fans. Tai/Rosie will be bringing her own set of fans ;)

    • tinkrbe1l3 says:

      i remember my day 2 experience…i bet if u described yourself, i’d remember ;)

  34. Maria in Ct says:

    So, so happy for you! I felt like I was right there with you. It has been such a pleasure reading all the updates on this site, sharing all the experiences, and watching the movie come to life in front of our eyes. You can totally feel that this was such a warm, positive environment, from the crew to the actors to the animals. I would have probably never read WFE if not for Rob starring in the movie, and for that I am very grateful. It is a very heartwarming book and I can’t wait to see the finished product. I predict some shiny tropies!

  35. Caroline says:

    What a great story! I’m so happy/excited for you!!! I totally agree with the comment you made about it not being meant to be to meet Rob last night, because I had a similar experience on the Eclipse set. My two best friends and I travelled from SoCal to Vancouver to hopefully find a set and catch a glimpse of one of the stars. No such luck of finding a location until the day after we left and we were back in Seattle. We figured “Why the hell not?!” and drove back to The Couve. We waited most of the night before while the trailers came in and got to see the set(and since it was before New Moon came out and we didn’t know it had changed, we saw the new Volvo but didn’t take a picture :[). Anyways, we respected the crew and cast all day, and the security knew we weren’t one of the sketchy paps. We fell asleep in the car, and were woken up to Mike, Anna, Justin and Christian driving by and waving. Fangirling ensued. We still waited and were lucky enough to hear a motorcycle rev it’s image (it was the scene where Bella goes on the back of Jake’s motorcycle). My friends said that they had seen a lady from the back that they SWORE was Stephenie Meyer, but I didn’t really think it would be here. But low and behold, who walks out from the set at 5 pm but Stephenie Meyer and her assistant. SQUEEE. She was walking fast, probably trying not to cause attention, but my friend yelled/whispered “Stephenie! Stephenie!” and she came over. She said that we were “good” for recognizing her (how do you NOT know how to recognize the mother of Twilight herself?!). Even though I had met her at a signing for The Host, I was starstruck and just kept thanking her. We had just finished the second book of The Hunger Games series and since we knew SM had read it too, we asked her what she thought about it, and it was awesome hearing her fangirl about something as well. It was a very casual conversation and then she had to go, but it’s something that I’ll remember for the rest of my life, as I’m sure you’ll remember last night for the rest of yours :] I love your passion for this movie, because I’m a passionate person as well and I live for nights of excitement, like yours last night <3

    • tinkrbe1l3 says:

      thanks for sharing Caroline :)

    • Sandy says:

      OMG Caroline! Meeting the Queen herself, Stephanie Myers!! How exciting and to even have a conversation with Her Royal Highness herself!! Well, I don’t know about anyone else but the gods must have been smiling down on you!! And to top it off, you got to see the Eclipse set, see some of the actors, and get to see the NEW VOLVO!! Life could not have gotten any sweeter than to be where you were!! I must truly say that I liked the Volvo in Twilight better! It was sportier and sexier,lol! The Robcat is coming out of me!! Thanks for sharing!!

  36. Tel says:

    Love it! Thanks for sharing your “amazing” adventure! I check this site often for updates on this film and Rob. Thanks again for you and the other Kinkers for all your hard work.

  37. Thesabstar1 says:

    what an amazing story! Team Kinkers!

  38. yaelfica says:

    OMG!!! i’m actually crying of happiness really…i always think that everything that surrounds rob and his fans is AMAZING and full of love..i comment in other sites and the warmth of his fans is trully overwelming..i have been fan of other actors but nothing like this has ever happened to me before so i’m thankful for your story and hope u get to meet ROB someday..kisses and hugs from Argentina

  39. mrsaubergine says:

    Aw, Tink, that was amazing! Thank you for going to such trouble above and beyond a kinker’s duties, and then sharing your day with us. And, frankly, you’ve met Rob already so… Hibbits should give you a job!

  40. gemmajean says:

    Congratulations to all the kinkers! I <3 you all for the amazing photos/stories you have provided the past few months. Going to miss this!

  41. olivia says:

    I am so happy for you tink. Thank you for everything you and the kinkers have done to reach out and share the joy, enthusiasm, and magic of WFE. Thank you to everyone involved in the WFE production. As a fan, it is heartwarming to see the real appreciation that was shown by the director, producer and others to you tink and the recognition by them of the followers of your blog and of course the bloggers ( tink, just a girl, deb, and jen plus all your support staff : D ). What a marvelous adventure for you that was so well deserved and earned.
    So much more I would like to add, however may it suffice to say that the comments that have already been posted above are so very outstanding, I would like to just second them with a big smile and applause.
    Hooray for you tink! A big hug too!

  42. Mel says:

    Ah-mazing story! Thank you for getting it out so quickly and in such detail! Blogs like this are a godsend to producers etc, because we are organic and so powerful, and we get the word out better than any paid ad, no? Anyway, so appreciative of your efforts for all fans like me :=)

  43. passionsonsflower says:

    Wow this such an amazing way for th wfe blog to wrap up LA shooting!!! Congrats Tink!!! All four of you ladies have made this project such an amazing experience for me. Thank you all soo much for all that you have done for the fandom. I’m crossing my fingers hoping that all four of you ladies get invited to the wfe premiere. That would be soo awesome and well deserved for all of you. Que sera sera?!

  44. tinkrbe1l3 says:

    The “thank you” fest continues….thank you ALL for your kind comments. I’m glad you enjoyed the “short story”. I was hoping to bring you into my day and take you on the adventure with me. Happy to see y’all got it :) We (the kinkers) love all you guys and thank you for supporting the blog, supporting us, and most importantly, supporting WFE. We’re all gonna make this a HUGE success! I just know it :)

    And lastly…

  45. LilKel4 says:

    Awww Tink I think I have read your adventure 3 times now and I still can’t get enough! I am SO EXCITED fro you and so happy you had that experience.. totally deserved! Eeeekkkk I am on cloud 9 just living through you! :) There is a reason why you are one of my favs.. in everything that is Rob! lol Love ya missy!

  46. Elizabeth says:

    I don’t think I have ever been more excited for an upcoming movie than WFE. Owe it all to you Tink, Jen, JAG, and Deb. What an awesome team!
    Also what a great cast of actors, ,director, producers and all of the people that make it happen. Without their cooperation this experience would not have been possible.

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