PHOTOS: Set Soldier Cheryl Shares Her Pics of Rob Pattinson and Cast!

More pics from reader Cheryl – thanks girl! (She sent us the Queenie pic, too!) These are great pics!


Kinko Walter!

Rpattz' Stunt Double or Stand-In, Depending on Who You Ask

Marlena's Horse

Marlena's Horse

Marlena's Horse

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39 Responses to PHOTOS: Set Soldier Cheryl Shares Her Pics of Rob Pattinson and Cast!

  1. RoslynSelene says:

    *cough-choke* OMFG! Killin’ me here!

  2. Sandy says:

    Thanks for sharing Cheryl! The horses are beautiful!! And the one of Rob ain’t so bad either!

  3. MAIARA says:

    Robowski is so hot in this shirt (i refuse imitations ;D )!!!
    and Silver Star is so wonderful!! oh what a beautiful animal!!!
    can i have this movie NOW ???

  4. P.J. Anthony says:

    Does ANYONE know if he’s filming tomorrow?????

  5. michelle says:

    Seriously…Rob in a wife Tennesse to boot, yee haw I love my state, can we keep him?

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  7. faby says:


  8. Ripley says:

    Rob in that white, sweat stain t-shirt….GAH. I want that shirt! Thanks for posting all the great pics from the set. Really look forward to this movie.

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  10. Brittany says:

    Where was filming today? Like what road and all??? I live in Chattanooga TN and saw nothing…

  11. Elizabeth says:

    Oh the horses are gorgeous! Rob’s stand in is cute. Rob in wife beater…THUD!

    Is it me, or is Rob’s hair redder than usual?

  12. pinkcandles says:

    I wonder if that was the same stunt double in “Twilight”?

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  14. Sus says:

    Is he in a friggin’ wifebeater? Kill me now……

  15. mariarp says:

    I suddenly miss Rosie (again)…

  16. KittyC says:

    Dear. God. In. Heaven. This movie is going to be so great. It’s got everything. I love, love, love those beautiful horses. I can’t wait to see Marlena riding on Star. And if we get to see some scenes of RPattz in that t-shirt! I’m not sure my heart will make it all the way through this movie. Sweet Cheezits!!!!!

  17. Melissa says:

    Why can’t April 15 be tomorrow? Gorgeous photos! I love, love, love everyone of them! So hot and sweaty…

  18. Michaela says:

    *AGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* Those are some good photos of him hey does anyone know if he laft chattanooga yet keep me updated

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  21. marie says:

    OK…we need a full body shot LOL
    he looks amazing!!!
    and Kinko…thanks for the great pics!

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  24. kalila says:

    I haven’t seen rob with his arms exposed…. I keep on thinking if I have come across a shot of him like that but I really can’t remember….. Is this the first time?

  25. louise says:

    sweet jesus, rob in a wife beater – how hot is that!!!! i don’t think i will be able to sit through this movie without passing out with him wearing stuff like that!! love the fact he is a true brit though with the brown face and forearms and lily white skin everywhere else!!!!!!! although maybe i need to see him naked first so i can correctly comment!!

    • Linda says:

      Is that “true brit” or is he looking a little “red-neck”? After all, this is the south! He’s adorable – I just love that man!

  26. Maria in Ct says:

    Yummy! (Does anyone know what day these were taken?) Thank you!

  27. Julie says:

    Love the pictures that everyone is posting!! I only wished that I lived closer so that I could be taking some of these pictures too:) Guess I will have to live vicariously through others. Can’t wait to see this movie!!!!!!

  28. Lona says:

    OMG! I just think Rob is so handsome. I almost got in my car and drove to TN just to catch a glimpse. The horses are pretty too.

  29. shash says:

    Great pix . . . can’t wait for this movie to come out!!!! I think Rob should “hire” his double/stand in to take the Papps for a “ride” . . . . to give him some peace and privacy!!! He deserves it . . . working out in that hot, hot, southern sun for all those hours . . . .
    Wouldn’t be hilarious if the papps were trailing who they thought was RPattz….only to discover his double!? What a hoot! We are vindictive here in the south . . . leave our guy alone! :)

  30. Erina says:

    If today is the last day of filming, I’m just wondering why we haven’t seen any shots of filming with children since they were supposedly casting 5 children to play Jacob’s kids. Do you suppose that casting call was never legitimate?

  31. Jazz Girl says:

    Oh Holy Christ! He’s all sweaty and dirty and in a WB and holy Christ!!! Save me!

  32. epiluitz says:

    Can someone explain why it’s called a wife beater. How did that get started? Slang is not my fortay, sorry.

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