Tale of the circus Tall Man: WFE featured extra talks Robert Pattinson & more

Water for Elephants featured extra, Jonathon Moore, plays the Benzini Brothers Circus “Tall Man”. He gave a great account of his experience to the Central KY News Journal where he discusses the rigours of working on set, the WFE star power and “initiating” Rob. Here’s an excerpt.

Jonathon Moore

Robert Pattinson stood inches from me. Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz, both Oscar winners, were only feet away. Directly in front of me, and behind the camera, sat Rodrigo Prieto, an Oscar-nominated director of photography.

I should have been completely awestruck at the level of talent that surrounded me. Yet the only thing I could truly focus on was my aching feet and legs due to the flat slippers the wardrobe department had given me to wear – and having to stand on them for hours on end.

Playing the Tall Man, a non-speaking, featured-extra role in the film “Water for Elephants” proved to be equal parts fun and exhausting.

Based on the popular book of the same name by Sara Gruen, the story is about a young man who joins a Depression-era circus. I was cast as a part of a group of sideshow performers that included a midget, Wolfboy, the Fat Lady, the Strong Man and a couple of contortionists.

My job was to be present in the background and, in some cases, right up next to the lead actors. I suppose my claim to fame was the scene in which I and a few other men physically shoved Pattinson to the front of a group of circus workers so that he could be properly “initiated” into the circus life by being sprayed with water, pelted with pies and kissed by the showgirls.

But there were other scenes, too, including one on the sleeping car of the train, another when I stood with Pattinson and a few others and watched Witherspoon cavort with an elephant.

You can read the rest HERE.


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17 Responses to Tale of the circus Tall Man: WFE featured extra talks Robert Pattinson & more

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  2. Melissa says:

    Wow, I love reading about the actors who play smaller roles and what they see through their eyes. This movie will be amazing!

  3. MAIARA says:

    ow i’m looking foward to see this initiation scene

  4. Fantastic article!! I loved this part:

    …”a multitude of men and women who exude professionalism and redefine what it means to work hard. They are the ones whose names roll later in the credits, long after most have risen from their theater seats and gone home.

    Without them, there would be no film, no story brought to life on a shimmering screen…”

    Thanks for making us take a step back and really think about what the credits really mean to the “big picture.”

    @Kinker Jen – Are you truly outrageous? LOL!

    • jan says:

      You are so right!
      I used to be one of those unenlightened ones who would walk out once the movie ended, always in a rush to ‘beat the crowd’, so to speak.
      Things changed when I got interested in movie soundtracks and scores and in order to see who the artistes/composers were, I had to look at all the preceding crew members’ names (as the music credits are usually near the end) and it dawned on me just how MANY people’s skills are utilised in the making of a film!
      Since then, I’ve usually made it a point to savour the whole movie experience by sitting through the credits and it still amazes and humbles me tremendously, just seeing all the bazillion different teams of people involved.

      To the awesome crew on this movie:
      THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART for your labour of love in making Water for Elephants!
      We cannot wait to watch the finished product!
      And I really hope there’ll be a movie companion book which will give you due credit for all your hard work!

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  9. Becky says:

    Rob getting soaked, pelted with pies and being kissed…….cannot wait for that moment, wish i was an extra lol

  10. ransomfan says:

    Wow, just finished reading the rest, I was the one awestruck by Jonathon Moore! He sounds like he IS one of those great stars and belongs there standing next to Christoph Waltz. Reese Witherspoon, and Robert Pattinson! I always stay until all the credits are finished and not just so I can see who all the credit belongs to, but also , that’s how I get to sometimes see an extra scene. Like in the movie ‘Finding Nemo’, there is one very cute/scary last scene that if you left before the credits were finished, then you would have missed it… I hope we get to see Jonathon’s part in the film, but if it gets cut, I hope we get to see it on the extras.

    • deb24601 says:

      And Ferris Bueller’s Day Off! That’s why I stayed until the end of credits for Eclipse. What if Edward pops back in and says “What are you still doing here? The movie’s over. Go. Go home.” lol

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  13. ransomfan says:

    Oh yeah deb24601, I would have loved to have seen Edward making fun of his biggest fans still left in the theatre, I would have laughed out loud all the way home! Oh and at the end of Max Payne, people would have missed the last bar scene if they left before all of the credits were finished. It’s like one last scene for people who love to love their movies all the way up until the screen goes dark… That’s the way I like it!

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