CREW CORNER: James Newton Howard, The Music Man

I saw The Tourist this weekend and enjoyed it despite the negative reviews. One of the things that I noticed in the film was the score. Sometimes a score won’t register while you’re watching a movie.

Other times it dominates.

Sometimes it scares the bejeebies out of you.

Sometimes it makes you swoon.

Sometimes it’s unique (a broken piano was used for the score).

Sometimes is so classic, it soars.

I love film scores. Always have. The strings in Schindler’s List bring tears to my eyes without watching the movie.

Music is profound that way. The emotions it can evoke. It can take a film to beautiful heights.

Since I basically scorespammed you just now, let me focus back. The Tourist. So I was sitting in the theater, enjoying this fun movie set in gorgeous Venice, and I noticed the score was quite nice. Exciting in the fast paced parts and a bit dreamy in romantic scenes. Where’s my ticket to Venice to meet Johnny Depp with my portable orchestra scoring my every step? When the credits rolled, who do you think caught my eye as the composer?

James Newton Howard, Water For Elephants composer, that’s who! Check out this wonderful video of him discussing his scoring style and philosophy.

Are you NOT super excited for the Water For Elephants score?! I can’t even wrap my head around what’s being cooked up in that department. James Newton Howard has scored MANY popular movies and I pulled a sampling from his extensive resume to give you an idea. Click the titles to hear the scores.

Award Wins

  • 2001: Emmy Award – Outstanding Main Title Theme Music, Gideon’s Crossing
  • 2008: Classical Brit Awards – Soundtrack of the Year, Blood Diamond
  • 2009: Grammy Award – Best Score Soundtrack Album for Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media, The Dark Knight (shared with Hans Zimmer)
  • 2009: Critics Choice Awards – Best Original Score, The Dark Knight

Great video from the Associated Press about The Dark Knight score.

Award Nominations

  • The Prince of Tides ~ 1991: Academy Award Nomination – Best Original Score
  • The Fugitive ~ 1993: Academy Award Nomination – Best Original Score
  • My Best Friend’s Wedding ~ 1997: Academy Award Nomination – Best Original Musical or Comedy Score
  • The Village ~ 2005: Academy Award Nomination – Best Original Score
  • King Kong ~ 2005: Golden Globe Award Nomination – Best Original Score
  • Michael Clayton ~ 2008: Academy Award Nomination – Best Original Score
  • Defiance ~ 2009: Golden Globe Nomination – Best Original Score; 2009: Academy Award Nomination – Best Original Score


  • What popular TV show debuted in the 90s and produced a huge movie star (the sexiest at two points) did James Newton Howard compose? Click HERE to find out!

Major talent is rolling off James Newton Howard’s shoulders but are we surprised? The Water For Elephants talent cup runneth over. :)

Visit James’ IMDb page to see his extensive and impressive list of films he’s breathed musical life into. Share your favorite film scores below while we anxiously await ‘the most spectacular score on earth’! ;)

Discography/Filmography/Awards/Nominations: Source

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11 Responses to CREW CORNER: James Newton Howard, The Music Man

  1. durtyrob4ever says:

    What a talented man and how lucky WFE is to have him writing the score!! Can not wait for the trailer to come out, hopefully this week!! Love his HP glasses,lol

  2. jan says:

    Strangely enough, the movie which first introduced me to James Newton Howard was one I didn’t watch…Dying Young (starred Julia Roberts). I somehow bought the CD for that and really LOVED the score.
    Subsequently, it was the ER theme music which got me and when I checked who the composer was…voila! James Newton Howard again!
    And then his name kept cropping up in other movies and yup, he’s definitely one of my favourite score composers….so I’m super-excited that he’s scoring WfE!
    This movie is going to be SOOOO GOOOOOD!!!! :D

  3. TongueTwied says:

    I’m even more positive that WFE will deliver the complete package.

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  5. heidiForReal says:

    God, I just read that Tai was used in Nicole Richie and Joel Maddens wedding. Isn’t Tai the elephant used in WFE? Why have an elephant in your wedding? o.O

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  7. Zuza says:

    Yeah, this guy is just everywhere, I wasn’t surprised at all when I saw his name under the WFE title. He works so much and it’s a shame there’s always someone who takes away his deserved Oscar award. Still, though there’s a lot of his pieces I love, I’m faithful to his “Atlantis: The Lost Empire” soundtrack. Tracks “The Swim” & “Kida Transforms” remind me why I love listening to music at all. It makes you feel like you’re underwater swimming with fishes right next to you or you’re taking a part in a strange, ancient civilisation’s traditional ritual. As weird as it is, it’s amazing how music can affect on you. So yeah, seriously, I love this guy.

  8. Roblover says:

    Interesting. I have “Dying Young” (with Julia Roberts) and I’m going to watch it to listen to Howard’s score. Anyway, I’m totally excited about WFE.

  9. Carebear90210 says:

    He also did the score for “Space Jam” with Micheal Jordon :)

  10. Ale says:

    it surpring how much can a score, help a movie.
    i saw The Village for the 1st time a couple of months ago..
    i didn’t like the movie, but i did loved the score.
    it was so impressive.. he is one the best composers of hollywood.

    & i do share ur passion for scores. i’m a huge fan of alexandre desplat,
    hans zimmer, dario marianelli .. etc..

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