VIDEOS: Sara Gruen on Water For Elephants: “They got all the details right…I couldn’t be happier”

I went to see Sara Gruen on her book tour for Ape House back in October. Don’t ask me why I’m just now showing you these videos. Blame Robert Pattinson. He’s usually the reason behind what distracts me. The videos have Sara Gruen covering a range of WFE topics: Uncle Al’s disappearing act, 1st set visit, “Easter eggs”, and more. Hope you enjoy :)

Water For Elephants tidbits: Sara Gruen’s favorite scene (cute ;)), wonderful comments about seeing the set for the first time, and she shares her thoughts on the screenplay by Richard LaGravenese and the compression of Uncle Al and August (a repetitive inquiry from our readers)

Water For Elephants tidbits: Did you know about the biblical undertones in Water For Elephants and surrounding Jacob? A question from the audience asked Sara to shed a little light on the subject and show us those “Easter eggs”. Water For Elephants question begins around 1:48 after conversation about Ape House:

Water For Elephants tidbits: What interaction did Sara Gruen have with elephants to write Water For Elephants?:

Water For Elephants tidbits: What made her abandon one novel to start writing Water For Elephants?

It was a pleasure meeting Sara Gruen. She liked our Team Rosie button and I gave her a bunch for her family. She liked my t-shirt and jokingly asked for hers. I’ll have to rectify that and send her one someway. ;) I also got to meet Jackie Zane, the lovely Lucinda, and other fabulous WFE extras and fans. There’s so much love surrounding WFE and support for the film. :) 79 more days!!!

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